10 Hobbies for Earning Money Online from Home

We are living in an era where access to public domain information is only a click away. Not only has the Internet brought the world closer but it has also provided opportunities to make money online. We all have some of the other hobbies which can provide value (or entertainment) to the others and if we share it via the internet, then we can make some decent money. In this post, we are going to list out all the simple hobbies that will help you to make money from the comfort of your home.

Writing Content

Contrary to the popular belief, you can earn content by either working for someone or by having your own blog or website. While Content writing can be intensive, you will absolutely love it if you have a thing for research and writing. The best part is that writing is that it can pay well if you work in the right industry and with the right clients. And if you switch to blogging, you can make significantly more income.

Pros: – There is a significant demand for written content in almost every niche. The supply is very less which means you will be paid very well. You don’t also really need some significant investment apart from the internet of course. If you do blogging, you would need a domain name and hosting plan, which can be covered in a monthly expense of around 8$ an average.

Type of Work: – Content WritingInformation below
Difficulty LevelMedium in the beginning
Investment needed1. Not much. Basic Internet package
Effort NeededModerate level
PotentialAvg. earnings are 10$ for 500 words.
The earnings nearly double and more after a couple of years.
Platform from where you get workLinkedIn, Fiverr, Upwork, freelance.

Type of Work: – BloggingInformation below
Difficulty LevelEasy (if done with right strategy and guidance)
Investment needed1. Domain name usual registration charges = 15USD/ year
2. Server hosting cost = 4USD/ month
Effort NeededIt is good to start with 30 articles in the beginning
PotentialAnywhere from 600 USD and above can be expected after
1 year of work if
you choose the topics that are not overly competitive
and also have decent search volume.
Cost of setting up the blogYou can make your website free of cost with the
the help of WordPress themes.
For high-end premium
themes with great UI, UX, the avg. one
time charges are 50 – 60 $

Cons: – Finding the right clients who will pay you will be difficult. And if you are contemplating blogging, then you need to learn a few things about keyword research, some technical SEO stuff (not that hard really). If you feel serious about learning to blog, then check out this rich resource here.


Food will always be in demand and therefore there will be an audience for watching this stuff. If you have a passion for cooking, then you can simply make videos of it and upload them on YouTube and other video sharing platforms.

Type of Work: – Making cooking videosInformation below
Difficulty LevelMedium in the beginning
Investment needed1. Good Quality Camera or Smartphone = 300 USD approx.
2. Good audio quality microphone = 15 USD
3. Basic Internet package = USD 20/ month
Effort NeededSignificant in the beginning as the video platforms promote
the content of users who post regular videos
PotentialAvg. earnings are high from Google Adsense.
The earnings can be increased by being an
influencer and by collab.
Platforms where you can upload
videos and monetize them
1. Youtube (The Best)
2. Dailymotion
3. https://lbry.tv/

Pros: – There are thousands if not millions of recipes that you can make and upload. The best part is when you have acquired some followers, then you can simply make a new and useful recipe that is not even being searched heavily on google search. A new recipe video always lure the followers to watch your video

Cons: – Cooking can not only be time-intensive but expensive too. If you are camera shy, then you can make videos solely with the cooking video along with commentary. Check out this cooking channel without a person on camera.


People love to do things on their own instead of relying on hefty expertise. There are tons of things that we can do on our own such as decorating, lighting, cleaning and etc. Do it Yourself niche has gained a tremendous following in recent years and the trend is likely to continue. The best thing about DIY is that you can cover a lot of technical niches also such as setting up a home theater without hiring a professional or using an easy, affordable way to mow the lawn and etc.

Type of Work: – Making DIY videos
or writing about them
Information below
Difficulty LevelEasy to start with if you select the right topic. The right topic
is one which have not been covered greatly
and is searched by decent no. of people.
Investment needed1. Good Quality Camera or Smartphone = 300 USD approx.
2. Good audio quality microphone = 15 USD
3. Basic Internet package = USD 20/ month
Effort NeededSignificant at the beginning as the video platforms
promote the content of users who post regular videos
PotentialDIY niche is very much unsaturated in many
different niches such as technology, arts, crafts,
gardening, plumbing, electronic repairing, and so on.
Therefore, the potential to make money from DIY blogs
or from videos is extremely high (at least as of now!)
Platforms where you can upload
videos and monetize them
1. Youtube
2. WordPress blogging (The best!)

Pros: – Massive potential. It is very unlikely that the DIY niche will reach saturation in the near future. There are infinite ways to achieve monetization.

Cons: – Choosing the right content can be difficult as there is significant competition in general DIY topics.

Graphic design

If you are a fan of art and have skills in graphic design software like Photoshop, Illustrator, then we are happy to say that your skill is in heavy demand these days (at least in 2020). Not only you can work as a freelancer for many people but you can create engaging photos, wallpapers, and whatnot and publish it on your blog.

Type of Work: – Doing Graphic design with the
the help of Photoshop,
Illustrator, and
other high-end software
Information below
Difficulty LevelEasy to start with if you know how to use the software. A bit
time-consuming if you are a total beginner
to learn photoshop, illustrator & so on.
Investment needed1. A decent desktop or laptop which can run the graphic design smoothly = 600 USD approx.

2. A license of the graphic design software that you intend to use = 15 USD/ per month

3. Basic Internet package = USD 20/ month
Effort NeededIf you know the right clients on the Internet, then it would be easy. If not, then you would need to do networking.
PotentialExpect to charge somewhere around 50$ and above for a
single graphic design project. The amount of
time taken for it can be anywhere between 2 – 4 hours.
The more creative and complex ideas you can make, the more earnings.
Experienced designers charge around 100 $ and above for a single project.
Platforms where you can upload
videos and monetize them
1. Linkedin
2. Upwork

Pros: – The demand for quality and relevant images is very high. And the supply is very less. This means you can easily find work and if you run a blog, you can get plenty of visitors which will result in high income from the display ads alone.

Cons: – We cannot think of any cons for this kind of work. Everything is easily available.

Making Dance videos and Sharing Online

If you love to dance then you would love to show your work to the world also. Fortunately, now you don’t have to rely on luck to participate on a TV show. You can simply create a video of your dancing and upload it on YouTube. You will not only enjoy a fan following but will also earn sizable income.

Pros: – If you love to dance and learning new moves, you will absolutely enjoy making videos. The income is great. Fame and adulation are the natural by-product of working in this niche.

Cons: – Good Cameras are needed along with good editing work too. May be difficult in the initial period, but definitely doable though.

Reading news on the video and sharing it Online

You don’t really need an organization to share the news with the world. Now you can do that in the comfort of your home. All you have to do is be aware of the trending topics in your demography or of any place in which you want to attract visitors and make a video about it. If you are camera shy, then you can choose to take the help of images and provide audio for your voice. Many youtube channels are running such as this one.

Pros:- Very easy to do. All you have to do is monitor the trending topics and make a quick video about them. The income from Youtube for such type of channels is great, at least from the tier 1 countries.

Cons: – You would need a decent mic to provide great audio quality. The editing of the video can be a bit difficult in the beginning but you will get the hang of it.

Making fitness related videos and sharing Online

Making exercise-related content will make sure that you will work out too. Not only you would be able but will also stay physically fit.

Pros: – Lots of potential for revenue. You will also stay physically fit.

Cons: – You need to passionate about exercise and physical fitness. Its not an easy niche to enter but if you are passionate, you will succeed if you persist.


If you love to play games, then you can even earn money from it. More and more adults are now into gaming apart from the kids. Plenty of games are released every year on various platforms. You could buy the one you like the most (which also many people are looking to see) and make a walkthrough video of that game. In order to make the content unique, you can add audio commentary of your own in order which will make the gameplay even more engaging.

Cons: – Let us be honest. Games are not cheap. But if you love gaming and can spare 40 – 50$ for a game, then you will definitely love this work.

Pros: – The sky is the limit. You can collaborate, include other YouTubers and live stream the game which will make your gaming content engaging to the user. The advertising revenue options are plenty for this kind of gaming channel. The gaming channel TheRadBrad is one of our favorites to watch.


People are always looking to find genuine reviews about the product they are going to buy. If you love to test new products in the market, then you could do an in-depth review of them. No matter what your favorite niche is, plenty of products make their way into the market. You could review them and present them either in textual content or video content. Video content will be more engaging for such content. Here is an example of one such channel.

Pros: – The affiliate income can be good. Plus, once you have established yourself, brands will start to look at you as an influencer and will pay a substantial amount for a paid review.

Cons: – Reviewing can be expensive. It’s very likely that you will have to buy the product even if you want to review it. Plus, this niche is very competitive, so it will be hard to make a crack in it. But if you are passionate about it, you can decide to work in this niche.

Making a Content Aggregator Site

A content aggregator site is one where your site collects the content from various other sites. It helps people to find all the relevant content on a single site. While search engines may not like your site very much if all it does is content aggregation. But if you work smartly, then you can let all the dirty work to be done by automation and make some changes to it and publish it. While it’s hard to make a lot of income from this method. But you can certainly expect some dollars, and even more if as we said earlier, you work smartly!

Pros: – Starting such a site does not require too much money and neither a lot of work. There are pre-made WordPress themes and plugins which can be set up to up the site and running in a day itself.

Cons: – Search Engines tend to not like such sites if there is only content aggregation on it. However, if you keep changing the aggregated content or make something original, you could earn plenty.

Closing Thoughts

With the fast speed Internet penetrating our world, there is now a flood of opportunities to make use of our hobbies online and earn some income. While some of the hobbies we have listed above do require some money as an investment, they are very much within the affordable range. It does seem that the Internet is the future and there are various demands that can be filled over it. If you feel we have left out any idea, and want our opinion about it, then state it in the comment section and we will reply back to you.

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