Nephew 15th Happy Birthday | Special Wishes for him

Dear Nephew! A very happy Birthday to you. May the coming year provide you with lots of happiness, health, and laughter. Kudos to our friendship too!

Hey Nephew! You always know that when the mommy says no no no, the aunt is always there to say yes yes yes!

Dear Nephew! It is the day when you can eat your favourite dish in abundance. Just don’t gorge on food like a pig.

When I prayed for a nephew, the divine did not gave me what I wanted but blessed me with more than that. May a nephew like you be blessed to every family. Happy 15th Birthday.

You are entering the age where the opposite gender will devour you plenty of attention and care.

Dear Nephew! Always keep in mind that your aunt is always a call away for your problems. May the divine eliminates the obstacles that lie between you and your success.

The birthday of the most agile, and disciplined nephew is here today. Wishing you all the success in the world.

Words cannot describe how happy is to see a young handsome kid growing with every passing year. You may not be my Son but you are no less either. Happy 15th birthday dear nephew

When the divine wants to make a handsome little prince, he references the DNA of my nephew. That’s how special you are. Love you to the moon and back!

It is the starting of a new era for you. May you be bustling with all the desires and the energy to transform your big dreams and goals into reality.

Happiness is spending some quality time with my nephew who never fails to make me laugh like an idiot. I wish there be more individuals like him in this world.

Some of the best things in life are often underrated like our happy smile, health, and well-being. May the divine always keep his blessings upon you, my dear nephew. Happy 15th birthday!

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