Nephew 40th Birthday | From Uncle and Aunty

It has been an surreal experience seeing you grow over the years. You have been the quintessential nephew that every family can be bestowed from the divine. I wish every family gets a boy like you. Happy 40th birthday to you dear nephew!

Welcome to the fourth decade of your life. May this new decade brings you a whole new level of happiness, joy and prosperity. Wishing you all the luck and love in your endeavors.

It has been amazing of the divine to bless a nephew with the coolest uncle and aunt in the world. On your 40th birthday, we are sending you a perfect gift along with the invoice too. May you keep the change ready for the delivery guy. Happy Birthday!

When the Almighty wants to create a handsome, charming and kind-hearted nephew, he considers the DNA of our nephew. The world would be so nice, cooperative and peaceful if there would be more like you. A very warm welcome to the fourth decade.

Today is the day we eagerly await throughout the year. Its the day when you came into this world screaming while the rest of us were rejoicing your arrival. Congratulations dear nephew for all the accomplishments that you have had over the years. May you always be our nephew for eternity. Happy 40th birthday.

Dear Nephew! It may sound cliché but when the going gets tough, the tough always gets going. May you transform all your dreams into reality. A very happy 40th birthday to you.

You may have grown upto 40 years but we still remember the time when we held you in our arms for the first time. For your uncle and aunt, you will always be the adorable kid with whom we have spent countless happy moments. Happy 40th birthday from your uncle and aunt.

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