Happy & Nice Birthday wishes — 100+ of them

Words have immense power to make someone’s mood happier. If you have to nicest things, nothing could be better than their birthday occasion. Nice birthday wishes are appreciated by everyone. But sometimes, it may not easy to come up with them. This is the reason we are writing this post. Here you will plenty of nice wishes for the birthday along with few images too. So let’s get started

Your nice personality is the like the amazing rainbow having different shades of altruism, enthusiasm, and craziness. I wish this amalgamation remains the same forever! Happy birthday sweet heart!

The world would be so nice, cooperative and thriving if there were more people like you! Happy Birthday dear!

Its not only the fun and laughter that you bring along with you. You have permeated some of the nicest things into my heart and being. Needless to say, I will always cherish someone like you. Happy birthday to a very nice individual.

God favors the brave and keeps the umbrella of prosperity, love and care on the nicest people. And you are certainly one of it. Happy Birthday!

All your desires I think have been accomplished by you, in your dreams. Now its time to bring them into fruition. What you say 😀 !

Life has only gained the nicest moments ever since you have come into my life. And I wish you get the divine bless you with always the nice things in life. Mighty teddy bear hugs and birthday wishes to you!

Carrying a light of optimism, hard work and far -sighted vision amidst the obstacles in your face can only be done by a hardened and nice individual like you. I am sure you are gonna pile up huge mountains of success after success. Happy Birthday!

The nice people on Earth do not get what they deserve, but a hell more than that. Keep up the good work dear and happy birthday to you!

The heart feels nice, amazing and soothing when it is in proximity of an individual like you. Many many happy returns of the day. May you pile up mountains of success in both your personal and professional endeavors. God bless you!

Its not that nice people do not suffer with obstacles. Its just that they continue to be nicer and altruistic despite all the problems in their world. I wish more people would be like so! Happy Birthday sweet heart!

A gem of a nice individual like you cannot be described eloquently with just the words. I need to attach a nice gift, along with the invoice ofcourse. 😀 Happy Birthday dear!

Its amazing how the mysterious force of Universe works. He brought along two individuals who probably did a lot of good karma in their previous lives.

Very Nice wishes of birthday for All

Some of us may not have the nicest beginnings in life but our hard work and persistence can change the course of our destiny. May you never give up the pursuit. Wishing all your dreams come to fruition. Happy Birthday!

Its a skill to illuminate the day of someone with their vigor, charisma and inspiration. You are the perfect epitome of such individual and God truly took a lot of time while making you. Many many happy returns of the day to you!

The nicest things in life often come with persistence, hard work and immense risk-taking. You have all the support from me and may your surpass your own expectations of success this year! A very happy birthday to you!

It takes immense grit and character to keep moving forward despite the problems looming on our head. May I also incorporate that ability!

You have loved and pampered me with all the nicest things in this world and I can only wish that more people gets an individual like you. Praying to the divine to keep our bond tied for the eternity. Mighty wishes of happy birthday to you!

The key to make this world cooperative and thriving is by having a lot, and I mean a lot nice people like you. Your exuberance, charm and vigor can enliven the moods of even the depressed. Happy Birthday dear!

Some of the deepest awakenings of my life have come from conversations with you as our thought wavelength and frequency resonates so immensely. God keep our bond alive for eternity. Happy Birthday to you!

You may feel like giving up at times of uncertainty but always remember that the mightiest people keep moving on even when thorns and obstacles are looming staring right into their faces. Happy Birthday dear!

Age may not matter but acquiring wisdom at such a young age is not a rare feat. Only the nice and altruistic people can afford to do so. So many congratulations on it, happy birthday and may you keep rising high and high on success.

I may not have been nice to you on many occasions but you have always been nicer to me and supportive when I least expected. I am sure I will reciprocate the gesture with my actions too. Many many happy returns of the day to you.

Legends has given a perfect saying that when the going gets tough, the tough certainly gets going. I wish you all the best dear.

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