Niece Belated Birthday – Heartfelt Belated wishes & Images

While it’s no crime to forget wishing someone a happy birthday, effort should be made in order to convey a heartfelt sorry along with a charming belated message. If you have forgotten to wish your niece on her birthday, then worry not, because you will find plenty of Niece belated happy birthday wishes in this post.

I am sure you have had a birthday blast. Congratulations on the birthday and deeply sorry for the belated wish.

May this sweet belated wish from your uncle make up for the belated birthday wish. Very happy to see you growing wiser and hard working. May the trend continues. Happy Belated Birthday dear niece!

Happy Belated birthday wish to awesome Niece

The words may arrive late but the heart was always there to wish you first. Deep regrets for the belated birthday wishes but am sure the lovely niece will forgive me. Lots of love sweetheart!

The mind may forget to speak some words but the emotions of the heart will always be eternal. Sorry for the belated birthday dear niece. Hope this year brings an awesome level of excitement and adventure in your life.

Things were excruciatingly busy for the last few days. But the heart regrets not wishing on time. Sending you advanced birthday wishes for the next birthday. So happy Birthday dear niece. Lots of love and luck to you.

Let’s hope that you will certainly throw a second party for your dearest aunty. Apologies for the belated birthday.

If the Almighty grants me a wish, it would be to turn the clock in past and arrive at your doorstep to wish you a wonderfully happy birthday. Hopefully, my niece is not too angry at me. Happy Birthday, dear.

If I were to wish you on time, it would have been without a gift. But for your belated happy birthday, I am sending a wonderful birthday gift, along with the invoice too. May you keep the change ready. Happy Belated Birthday dear niece!

Wishing my talented niece a belated birthday. I know you are a strong-hearted woman and therefore wouldn’t mind taking this belated birthday wish from her aunt. All the best to you!

Since your aunt is turning old, she has the privilege of sending you a belated birthday message without getting you upset. You are an awesome girl and I wish there be more like you in this world.

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