Not someone who holds a grudge: Butler on Ashwin’s 2019 mankading

It was in 2019 when Ashwin playing for Kings X1 Punjab mankaded Jos Buttler on 69 when they were chasing 185 at Jaipur. Needless to say, Buttler was not amused and was fuming while going to the pavilion. Three years later, both players are now part of the same franchise, Rajasthan Royals, and seems that the duo has moved ahead from the bitter incident.

“I am not someone holding grudges. I’m excited for the season ahead. I’m excited to have Ash on my team” said Buttler while speaking to TOI recounting the 2019 incident that left him furious.

Ashwin acknowledged that while mankading was well-within the rules but the practice was looked down by the cricketing fraternity.

“It’s not something that happens day in and day out. I can totally understand that.” says Ashwin

The off-spinner who recently surpassed Kapil Dev’s tally of test wickets however emphasized that mankading the batsman does not equate to character assassination of the bowler and that it is entirely up to bowlers to do or not do it.

“Whether somebody chooses to do it, or not to do it, is entirely up to them and it’s not a question of character assassination.” said Ashwin

Recently, the MCC has made amendments in the laws of cricket and has placed mankading as a legal way of getting the batsman out whereas earlier it was termed “unfair practice”.

The incident caused a lot of furor in the cricketing community back then with many criticizing the off-spinner for doing the mankading on a number of occasions.

Rajasthan Royals retained Buttler and they bought Ashwin from the auction. Ashwin was previously with the Delhi Capitals. The off-spinner was bought for a whopping Rs 5 Crores. Royals are set to begin their journey in the tournament with Sunrisers Hyderabad tonight.

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