Lovely Birthday Wishes — 100+ for All


Its a vulnerable thing to express love and respect for someone. But it is also the most rewarding thing in the world. If its an occasion of birthday of your friend, relative or acquaintance, its the perfect opportunity to send them lovely birthday wishes. And that’s exactly the aim of writing this post. You will find plenty of amazing birthday wishes for those lovely people in your life. So let’s get started.

Cute birthday wishes — 50+ For everyone


There is no person on the planet who will dislike cute birthday wishes. Sometimes the sentiments of cute, warm and friendly are all needed to bring a smile on the birthday person. All they need is to be authentic and sincere from your heart. But thinking of such birthday wishes can take a lot of time, which is why we have prepared those cute wishes for your friend, relatives, acquaintances. Feel free to send them. You will also find images too.

100+ Birthday message for a special friend


Happy Birthday my special friend. If there is heaven on Earth, it is certainly due to a special friend like you. You are not only a friend but certainly a part of my soul. May the divine keeps our friendship alive for eternity. A very happy birthday once again.

100+ Funny birthday wishes for childhood friend


The best thing about childhood buddies is that they are like a condom. They handle the rough up and down but don’t get worn out ever. Glad to have you with me. Kudos to our childhood friendship and Happy Birthday!

How to respond to rejection with dignity


The impulse of attraction towards another person is very strong. The butterflies in the stomach and the goosebumps upon the sight and hear of our crush is overwhelming. However, as much as we may like the other person, they may or may not respond back with the same enthusiasm. Rejection in any form of life is undoubtedly uncomfortable but when it comes in our dating life, it can be painful. Luckily, there is more to life than just dating and our whole world does not have to come crashing down. If you have suffered rejection, there are ways to respond with grace and dignity.

50+ Funny, Unique & Cute Good Morning Wishes


Nothing can be a good way than to wake your friend with Funny Good morning messages. They are nice to read in the morning and brings a laughter which everyone loves. Be it your friends, relatives or spouse, you can say or send such hilarious morning messages to them. There are images too in this post.

Perfect Respond to silent treatment from friend — 5+ ways

best ways to respond to a silent treatment from friend

Nothing hurts more to a human being than the silent response of someone who we love and adore. Whether an individual is introvert or an extrovert, they tend to speak their heart out with their friend. But sometimes, due to miscommunications (or deliberate intention), some folks resort to giving a silent treatment to their friend. If you are the recipient of such behavior from your friend, and are not able to figure out ways to find the cause of such behavior, then this post will really help you.

10+ Signs your friend doesn’t care about you anymore


Its a harsh reality that people change. Your good old friend who you once thought was inseparable, may not agree with your thoughts, perceptions and likes anymore. We all witness some form of minor rejections from them at times, but let it out of your consciousness until it really starts to bother us. So if you are really concerned whether your friend still care about your and the friendship, then this detailed post will immensely help you.

Birthday wish for special person — 50+


While everybody is born with kindness, altruism and hard work, only a few are able to maintain them fully. And I can certainly say that you are one of those very few. Happy Birthday to you special! May you accomplish great success in your personal and professional endeavors.

How to make new friends in your 30s


Humans are social beings. Its an understatement to say that we want the company of like minded people. Studies have shown that people who have many friends and well-wishers often enjoy longevity, health and better quality of life. But meeting new people and befriending them in your 30s is very different from your twenties.