People said that “I have testicles on my head” : Harbhajan Singh recalls crowd bashing on Monkey gate scandal

The year 2008 will always be remembered in the history of Cricket for the Monkey Gate scandal. Harbhajan Singh while talking to Boria Majumdar recalls the bitter incident and the bashing that he had to heard from the crowd.

The former off-spinner said “I was disturbed why such thing is happening. Thought why so much controversy about the thing which hasn’t happened? There were 6 -7 witness in support of me. The matter was inflated. I was called at the ground that ‘you have testicles on your head’ was the most difficult thing to hear about my religion but I didn’t reacted on those things as the controversy would have exploded even further.”

Harbhajan Singh was initially handed three test match ban which was later retracted after the BCCI threatened to withdraw from the tour that would have resulted in the loss of millions of dollar for Cricket Australia. India although last the test series by 2 -1 but came back strongly to clinch the ODI series.

The Indian witnesses at that time included Sachin Tendulkar, and the conclusion which eventually emerged was that Harbhajan used a racial slur while Symonds and Australians heard the slur as ‘monkey’. In 2018, Symonds revealed that Harbhajan apologized for what he did in 2008. The off-spinner denied the accusation and called Symonds as a ‘fiction writer’.

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