“People will burn our houses”: Former Pak Cricketer’s bribe excuse to Shane Warne

The ICC has taken plenty of measures to ensure that fixing doesn’t take place easily. But back in the 90s, there was hardly any focus on fixing. Now Shane Warne in his recent documentary titled ‘Shane’ has revealed that he was offered a bribe of $276000 by then Pakistani captain Salim Malik.

Warne recalls the sequence of events that happened on the evening of day fourth when Salim Malik made a frantic call and asked Warne to meet him urgently. Malik told Warne “I need to see you.” In a cricket frenzy nation like India and Pakistan, losing was unacceptable at home during the 90s and the Pakistani captain understood the likely outcome which was Australia taking seven wickets on the turning track of Karachi. Pakistan needed 160 runs to win.

Warne says that Malik came over to the room, sat down, and said “Good match we’ve got going”. To which Warne replied that “I went, ‘Yep, I think we should win tomorrow though”.

Malik replied that ‘Well we can’t lose …. you don’t understand what happens when we lose in Pakistan. Our houses will get burnt down, out family’s houses will get burnt down’.”

And then according to Warne, came the bribery offer to him and May from Salim Malik of $200000. Malik requested both spinners to bowl wide of stumps and not try to take wickets on a turning pitch on day five.

Being stunned at the offer, Warne, in his own words, “I just sort of sat there, stunned. And then I go ‘F*** you, mate. We’re going to beat ya’.'” Ironically, Pakistan was able to win that match with just a wicket in hand. The last wicket partnership of 57 runs between Inzamam ul Haq and Mushtaq Ahmad took the home side over the winning line. Malik was given a verdict of a lifetime ban from International cricket by the ICC in 2000. It was in 2010 that three Pakistani Cricketers were found guilty in the spot-fixing scandal.

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