Birthday wish for special person — 50+

You may be a nobody for many in this world, but to me, you are the world. Happy Birthday to an awesome, special person. May our bond remains alive for eternity. Lots of love!

While everybody is born with kindness, altruism and hard work, only a few are able to maintain them fully. And I can certainly say that you are one of those very few. Happy Birthday to you special! May you accomplish great success in your personal and professional endeavors.

Don’t be discouraged if you haven’t received what you should have deserved. Truly deserving people usually get their rewards sooner than later. Keep the pursuit high and don’t compromise with your dreams.

The workings of the divine are mysterious. He brought together two crazy yet special individuals. I wish our bond keeps beating for the next 10000 lifetimes also.

Its no strange that the good things of my life has only compounded ever since the divine has brought us together. I wish every individual gets a special person like you. Many many happy returns of the day to you!

Its difficult to be away on such a wonderful occasion of your birthday, but your thoughts are ruling my heart and mind. Sending you all the love in the world. Happy Birthday!

A very special individual made her way here on this very day. She is of course an angel and is the epitome of a beautiful, wise and intelligent girl. And I am more than proud to have her in my life. Happy Birthday to her!

I am very thankful to the divine to take a long time in creating your DNA. Women like you rarely come on this planet. I wish more of you are here to make this world a better, happier place. Happy Birthday!

Special Person Birthday Wishes

It is easy to be special when everything is going nice in our life. But only the rarest will be remain special despite their hardships. I am lucky to be a friend of one such individual. And I am sure the divine will bless you to insane success. Happy Birthday to a special person!

I am certainly not a perfect person and despite that, you have only supported me more than I deserved. I can assure that my best will be there for you. Happy Birthday to an amazing individual.

A fight or disagreement with a special individual like you is much better than silence. We may share differences of opinions but not differences of heart. May our understanding, wisdom, love, and respect for each other only notches up with every passing year. Happy Birthday!

We must have done some amazing deeds in our previous life in order to have each other in life. I hope the divine keeps us together for the next lifetimes also.

Funny birthday wishes for Special Person

Its nice to have gifts but the real joy of gifts is in their anticipation. Therefore, I have thought of a special gift for your next birthday. Till then, stay happy in anticipation, stay blessed. Happy birthday! And where is the party tonight? 😀

Nobody know my dirty secrets in the world like you do. And I hope you guard them always with all your life :D. Happy Birthday dear! You are truly special!

When I feel about setting a new benchmark of insanity, you are the only one that comes to my mind 😀

The secret rejuvenation of nature lies in pulling your legs from time to time. Hahaha!

Only a special person will spend a ton of money on me and not expect anything in return. I wish more special people like you come into my life. Hahaha!! Kidding dear! Wishing you awesome success for the future. Happy Birthday!

You are not only my special friend but also my punchbag. I love to vent out my irritation on you sometimes and I am sure you enjoy the same too with me. 😀 Kidding dear! Happy Birthday!

Inspiring Special birthday wishes for Special Person

There is no better joy in life than in the journey of becoming something bigger than life. You are loaded with joy, exuberance and vigor and I pray that you bring all your dreams into fruition. Happy birthday!

Character is what a person does in alone when no one is watching him. And you my friend have a ton of it. So proud to be your friend. Happy Birthday! Stay happy, stay blessed!

Some failures may be hard to digest but as long as they don’t kill you, they will make you only stronger. Keep the pursuit high because your ambitions are big.

Life becomes worth living if we have a supportive friend who understands the pulse of our being. You are more than what one could have asked for. Happy Birthday!

The biggest reason to live in this world is to gain awareness. And I am happy to see that you are making progress at a warp speed. May you not be dejected with the critics and failures. All the best sweetheart. Happy birthday!

Your charm and charisma is only soaring through the sky with every passing year. I wish the trend stays the same forever! Lots of birthday wishes to an insanely special person

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