100+ Life philosophy quotes with Deep meaning

Life can be a roller coaster ride and the legends have rightly said that life may be short but if lived fully, then once is more than enough. Philosophical quotes help us to explore our inner world. In this superficial world, it can be hard to be grateful just to be alive. But when we go through a crisis, we then realize how precious life is. And that’s what this post is all about. Just like a deep conversation with someone, philosophical quotes about life rejuvenates us and make us resilient to the coming challenges. We have gathered some of the amazing quotes about life from the Internet which you will absolutely love to read. A lot of them are from famous writers and some are from anonymous sources from the Internet.

No erudite scientist in the world can measure what your potential is. The divine blessed you with more talent and ability that you will ever use in this lifetime. Your gift to him is to make use of those talents and abilities as much as you can in this lifetime.

Legends have it that when the going gets tough, the tough certainly gets going.

We barely learn anything in success. Failure may be harsh but it teaches a lot.

No amount of wealth and materialistic properties can give you fervently, tranquil moments like your old dear friends who understand the pulse of your being.

The beauty of life is in achieving things that others believe you cannot.

Its stressful to lie. You have to remember the details correctly so as to tell the same lie to everyone.

Silence may feel nothing but it is usually the most painful treatment you can give to people who try to belittle you.

The more we come to know about life and the universe, the more we realize that we know absolutely nothing as compared to what is out there.

It is very easy to scold someone for their mistakes. But the skill lies in how much to scold, in what tone, and at what time so that your scolding is effective.

It is a myth that ignorance is bliss. Ignorance can have disastrous consequences. It is better to be aware as much rather than be at the wrong end.

We may think that we are smart but we are always broadcasting our thoughts, frequencies, energy and most importantly our intent in this universe.

There is someone in our life other than our parents, that will not lie, cheat or deceit us for any reason, and i.e. our intuition.

We tend to understand things better if we are encountered by their need in the first place.

Every one has a past. For some, it appears without notice. For others, it remain buried.

Wisdom is the sweet reward that can only be acquired when the one goes through his / her own path. The journey is filled with ups and down, has its highs and lows but unfortunately, that’s the only way of acquiring wisdom.

Every reality and fruition starts with the dream only.

2% of the population think, 3% of the population think they think and the rest 95% of the population will rather die than think — Quote by Bob Proctor

There is certainly some reason why God must have given us two ears to listen but only one mouth to speak.

The best natural medicine to sleep deeply every night is clear conscience and compassion towards the people around you.

A genius is someone who can simplify complicated things while every idiot on this planet can complicate a goddam simple thing.

We do not observe the things in life as they are, but through the lens of our perception.

No worthwhile things in life have come without putting in the work and consistency.

Fun Fact : – The speed of light is constant in every part of the universe which is 299792 km/sec

If hard work and honesty would bring in the riches, the gardener of society, the laborers who built our homes, and the farmers would probably be the riches people in the world.

Every worthwhile growth requires the one to go through the uncomfortable process.

There is every bit of refreshment even if one keeps making strides despite the obstacles.

The core ingredients of life support like water and air are pure bland and plain. But no one can replace them for quenching and rejuvenating our heart, mind, and soul.

People who know little are usually great talkers, while men who know much say little. Quote by Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Nature bestowed us a simple life. It is we humans who are adamant on making it complex for our own pleasure.

The most illogical and cruel species on the Earth are the humans who will do anything for the sake of profits.

Anyone can continue to march forward in the good times. Its the inner strength and belief that is tested when one has to get up after getting knocked down.

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