50+ Simple and Sober Birthday Wishes — For Everyone

If we look at nature, it’s the simple things in our life that make us feel content, happy, and fulfilling. If we have to wish a birthday to someone, we can convey our heartfelt wishes in a simple yet authentic way. Contrary to the popular belief simple wishes are more meaningful if the right words are incorporated into the message. And that’s the aim of writing this post. Here we have prepared plenty of such wishes so that you can send them to the birthday recipients. So let’s get started.

Today, go and enjoy for turning not only older, but wiser, calmer and more good looking too. All the best for your future endeavors.

This day is not only special to you, and for your parents but also for me because I got a special friend in my life owing to you. Many many happy returns of the day to you dear!

I have found the secret of soothing, calming heart and that is by talking to you frequently. I am sure it does the same to you equally.

Age is absolutely a number and nothing more. I am sure that the Almighty has blessed you with longevity.

May this new year of your life propels you to insane success. May you surpass your own expectations.

You are the perfect partner in crime for a nice, sincere, kind hearted and down to earth individual like me 😀 Lots of birthday wishes for you!

We may have some amazing times in the past but the future certainly holds a ton of euphoric moments for the both of us.

Wisdom and maturity are the natural by product of ageing which cannot be bought with mere money. May you and your family enjoy longevity, happiness and prosperity.

You may not believe it but the best things in life are often simple and you are certainly one of them my dear.

It takes a special occasion like your birthday to get in touch with you 🙂 otherwise you are extremely busy in your life. Wishing you mighty blessings and prayers for the good luck.

You may be feeling dejected by the failures but remember there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. May you keep the pursuit high my dear. Keep moving.

I pray to the Almighty that there be plenty of happy, joyous moments in our coming months and years.

Simple and Lighthearted wishes

I hope this year of life brings a lot of happiness, prosperity, and a lot of action too (wink wink) in your life if you know what I mean. Happy Birthday to you dear!

May you fulfill all your quench for shopping today.

I am sure that in all these years you have realized that being happy has nothing to do with you. It has everything to do with a nice kind person like me in your life.

You are not turning old, at least from the inside. Who cares about the outside? 😀

It takes plenty of mistakes of same nature to be done by you, after which you finally start to show massive improvement. But at least, crawling is better than doing nothing.

Today is the day when you can eat to your heart’s content and no one will bother you. 😀

You may be old from the outside but as long as you keep feeling like a teenager, you will be fine and frankly, we will be too 😀

It is the day I was waiting for so long because today you will wine and dine me, and that too without my money .:)

You have certainly turned older today but don’t worry because you are way too young than your next birthday my dear 😀 Enjoy your birthday and have a blast!

Tonight, have a blast and enjoy the wild celebrations but do not forget to bring me too along with you.

It’s a day of your life when you came screaming and crying into this world while the rest of us were rejoicing and feeling happy. 😀

Life is simple. It is only we humans that strive to complicate it. So let’s keep the complications aside and party harder tonight!

You have achieved plenty of things in your dreams. Now, it is the year when you bring them into fruition too 😀

Honest, Simple, and Authentic happy birthday wishes

Life wouldn’t have been that exciting as it is with you. While you have your fair share of limitations and craziness, your good qualities and altruism are more than enough to cover your shortcomings. I forgot to add you’re good looks too!

You have not only brought happy moments but also permeated some habits in me. Thank you for all of that.

We may have thousands of acquaintances in life but one individual like you is equal to all of them.

We may acquire lots of materialistic things and wealth but none can give us the tranquility, fervent moments like we enjoy with our near and dear ones. For me, you are that individual. And I wish you all the best for your personal and professional endeavors.

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