25+ No-Degree High Paying Evergreen Skills to learn online

We are living in a world where having proficiency in some skills can earn us significant income in a very short time, that too in the comfort of our homes, working right on the computer or laptop. The world is undergoing a drastic change in how businesses are conducted. Gone are the days where jack of all trades mattered. Today, there are some areas that require dedicated, sharpened skills. Not only these skills are profitable but they do not require a college background also.

Plus, you can learn a lot of these lucrative skills from your home only. And some of these skills take only a few months to get you at a professional level. In this article, we are going to list 50+ high-paying skills that do not require a college background, and neither a technical background.

1. Blogging

You would be surprised by the demand for content and how less the supply is actually out there on the internet. However, that being said, thousands of blogs get started every day and most of them do not get sufficient traffic due to the wrong tactics applied by the owner.

One of the myths most people have starting blogging is that they need to be great writer. That ain’t true at all. You just need to have an affinity to provide well-research and relevant information on your topic. While blogging takes time and effort, it certainly pays off very well in the long run. You may ask how much is the “long-run” in blogging? If you follow the right strategies and perfect keywords, you can earn close to $1000 per month after 4 months of hard work. If you are able to create 100 articles in 4 months on the right keywords, then you can expect to earn $1000 after a year as Google takes time to rank your content.

Cons of Blogging: – Take a lot of time and right strategies

Pros: – Once it gets started, the income is passive with only little maintenance.

2. Search Engine Optimization

As you may have noticed yourself, your search on the Internet mainly comprises of Googling. You type in the query and bingo, Google presents you with a ton of websites that likelihood answers it. But have you ever thought, how those sites are ranked? Which site gets the top spot and which doesn’t? You can know all these answers, once you get to know how Search Engine Optimization works.

Acquiring a proficient level in SEO requires few months and from there, you can hire clients to work on their websites for the right query. SEO is a skill that is in huge demand and it is only going to increase in the coming future, as every piece of content is now being published online, more than on conventional platforms like TV and print media.

3. Data Analytics

The world is saturating with data of every kind. And therefore, there is a serious need for skillful people who can organize the data and allow it to be used for marketing, campaigning, research, analysis, and so on. There are plenty of areas where data science helps people. Fortunately, as of now, there is a significant shortage of skillful Data analysts and therefore, if you attain proficiency in this area, you can demand an impressive salary.

Becoming Data Scientist or Analyst does take between 4 – 5 years though. But there are no shortages of online courses for it. Many universities also offer long-distance Data Analytics programs. If you want to sure about having a stable career in a field, Data Scientist is certainly one of them.

4. Coding

if you ask us, apart from blogging, Coding is the field we vouch for. Everything nowadays is now coming into automation and therefore, there is a significant demand for great coders around the globe. With the help of coding, you can bring truly satisfying solutions that will help people at large. Its a skill that makes you think and fortunately, it pays very well too.

The pay scale depends on the coding platform you master. Python, Java are some of the popular platforms as they allow you to execute complex tasks in real-time. In today’s day and age, when remote working is blooming, you can work for any client in the world from the comfort of your home. All you would need is a decent internet connection and a passion for coding.

5. Content Writing

If you have a desire to do research, analysis, and express your opinion, then Content Writing is great to work for you. Not only the work stimulates your mental well-being but also gives you a decent income. You can choose to write on multiple niches, however, most people make significant income by specializing in a particular niche and producing well-written and quality articles.

Content Writing is more about researching than it is about writing. So you definitely need to have an affinity for research on the internet. The Payscale is great from Tier 1 countries and if you can network with some decent clients for regular work, you can earn a significant income.

6. Finance Advisor

A wise man has once said that there are two ways to earn money. One is to work and the other is to let the money also work for you. That’s what basically a financial advisor does. They create strategies depending on your income to help you build wealth over the long term.

It certainly takes a lot of time to gather the required knowledge but usually, the difficult learning curve lasts for few months only. Salesman psychology is an important aspect of this job. so, if you are someone who loves to talk people and convincing them with great affinity for money and numbers, you will absolutely love this work, along with the steady income that you will generate each time your client will buy or renew the service of your financial rewards.

7. Pet Care

More and more people are realizing the therapeutic benefits of having pets with dogs and cats top the list. With an increasingly busy schedule of people, families are now looking for professionals who can take care of their pets for few hours.

If you are someone who adores animals (or a particular one like Dog, Cat or other), you could earn decent money with Pet Sitter as your side hustle. The benefits are many. The pay is good. You get to enjoy the company of pet and you also get a reason to do little bit of exercise with the pet.

If you are not into pets by any means, don’t do this job for the sake of earning some pocket money. You won’t be doing good to yourself, to the family, and especially to the pet.

8. Graphic Design

It is rightly said that a picture always speaks thousands of words. And this is why so many graphics are now an important aspect of user engagement in blogging and content creation. If you are fanatic about expressing creativity through images then there is no better time to learn graphic designing than now. The demand is huge and the supply is very less for high-end images.

9. Website Design

Gone are the days when the existence of the website itself was more than enough. Today, unless your website makes a lasting impression on the visitor, he is unlikely to visit it again. Needless to say, a great website has a fantastic and unique design. If you have an affinity for graphics with a creative and analytical brain, then website design will appeal to you.

And fortunately, website designing isn’t overly technical like coding. With persistence and regular practice, you can very well master CSS, HTML and Javascript in 6 months to 1 year. The remuneration varies, but you are likely to enjoy it even if your clients are from not so developed countries.

10. Website development

There will never be an end to the websites. In fact, every day is witnessing thousands of websites popping on the Internet. Therefore, it is easy to say that website development has a great future. While learning to code can be difficult in the beginning, individuals get the hang of it if they persist. The remuneration depends on the platform that you build the websites upon.

Platforms like WordPress, Python and PHP are highly popular. And therefore, pays excellent remuneration.

11. Copywriting

Great copywriters are in huge demand. The ability to write short, crisp and attention grabbing is a skill that is hugely required to sell anything to the client. The right words have the ability to make people realize the value of the product and how it will help them. And this is why, companies shell out a lot of money on their copy writing budget.

12. Making PowerPoint presentations

Call it as a need or a corporate pressure to make presentations of silliest of things, there is a great need for making PPT presentations. There are many bloggers who provide quality templates for power point presentations. Fortunately, making custom PPT templates isn’t that hard and people pay great money to accommodate their data and information into appealing templates.

13. Social Media optimization

Just like Search Engine Optimization, social media content can be optimized to get more likes, views, and shares from the platforms. There are people so good at Pinterest that they get thousands of traffic from it to their sites. With the emergence of so many platforms, there is a great need for people who can optimize content for the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok, Youtube and etc.

Social Media optimization is probably less technical and exhaustive than Search Engine Optimization. Also, since it is less expensive, therefore you can expect many clients who will opt for SMO rather than SEO. It is also worth noting that doing a great SMO will also help your client in his/ her SEO campaign.

14. Technical Writing

There will never be a time when guides, manuals, and other technical documentation will not be needed. Technical writing involves being familiar with a product or service and being able to explain all aspects of them in a clear and lucid manner with a strong emphasis on technical details.

If you have a passion for writing and loves to describe technical jargons in clear, lay mans language, then this field might be for you. The IT industry is probably the one where most demands come from technical writers. However, one can find work in other industries such as in manufacturing, electrical and mechanical.

Luckily, as of now, most companies do not require a technical degree, as long as you understand their product/service and can write in a clear, lucid way involving the technical stuff. With the exception of the IT industry, this job may require you to work from the premises of the organization.

15. Infographic Maker

The purpose of an Infographic is to make complex data digestible to the user in a short span of time. Creating Infographic is a skill and now more and more content on the Internet are including Infographics as they not only provide valuable data but are also engaging, therefore increases the time span of the average visitor, which eventually helps in the SEO of the site.

Creating Infographic is no easy job. One needs to have a strong grip on softwares such as Adobe Spark or Illustrator. However, there is a high demand for Infographic makers. An average user usually engages more with the Image or Infographic than with the long article. Earlier, you needed to rely on graphic designers to make you an Infographic. That has all changed now with the advent of Online Infographic makers such as Canva, Piktochart and

16. GIF Maker

Creating GIF is time-consuming and does require plenty of creativity and skills. But if you are passionate about creativity and GIF-making, then you will absolutely love doing it. Photoshop is one such software that allows for creating high-quality GIFs. There are also tons of online GIF-making tools through which you can make GIFs very easily.

There are numerous fields where your GIF can come to useful. GIF is now slowly becoming the important ingredient of a great content and slowly and steadily publishers are now incorporating lot of GIFs. So if you are savvy about GIF making, then do know that you can earn a passive income from it.

17. Podcasting

Podcasting is a way to make great conversationalist-type content with a firm emphasis on great audio quality. Sometimes, people don’t want to consume the video content as it can be overwhelming. This is where the demand of podcasts comes into the picture.

People can consume podcasts while doing various other things like driving, resting in bed, cooking and etc. If you have a passion for sharing knowledge and passion, then you can do so by making podcasts. There are no. of platforms available for podcasts.

18. Youtubing

Ever since Internet has become faster and affordable in major parts of the world, video content has witnessed a massive surge. The best thing about Youtube is that it allows you to upload video content without any fees. The remuneration is not only restricted to Youtube ads but one can also sign brand deals or be an influencer.

We’ll admit that making a video is an exhaustive process however the satisfaction of sharing something valuable and unique is enough to recuperate you from the tiring process. If you are not camera-shy and love to share knowledge and expertise on any niche, then Youtubing can be a successful career for you.

19. Artificial Intelligence

The world is changing rapidly and AI has a big role to play in it and its applications can be implemented in almost every industry. Artificial Intelligence is a broad field and therefore, there is a steep learning curve for it. However, with every passing day, there are more courses available online than you will ever need.

The applications of AI would certainly come with a hefty price tag. And therefore, if you feel you have the passion to stay up with the latest catastrophic changes in humanity, consider learning Artificial Intelligence.

20. Machine Learning

21. Rent bandwidth

Bandwidth renting is a new thing that has come onto the market and therefore is not known to many. But since the internet is penetrating every part of the globe, therefore one can predict that bandwidth renting would do very well in the upcoming years.

If you have too much bandwidth which goes unused every month, then you can rent it for the third party, which will help you generate a steady flow of passive income.Whether you consume every bit of your allotted data or not, you have to pay a fixed money to your ISP.

Luckily, bandwidth renting is not something which requires technical skills. There are companies that provide you with the software for both desktops and mobiles, through which you would be able to sell your bandwidth. You may ask who is going to use that rented bandwidth? The likes of VPN companies, seedboxes, and even Content Delivery Networks can greatly use the bandwidth from consumers.

22. SEO Auditing

There are a lot of tasks that go into a successful SEO. These include keyword research, finding broken links, landing page checks, finding backlinks, and so on. Needless to say, doing great SEO work cannot be done without a team and collaboration. And that’s why many SEO professionals who love their work but cannot do everything related to SEO are now shifting purely to SEO auditing.

SEO auditing is mainly about finding the right keywords and other strategies that a client can execute. SEO audit person will only highlight them. It is up to the client to make those changes with the help of an SEO agency. While an SEO audit person will not make money as much as the SEO agency, you would be surprised how much professionals make purely from an SEO audit. A typical SEO audit usually takes 6- 7 hours and experts charge anywhere in between 100 – 200$ depending on the geography of the client. Not a bad remuneration if you ask us.

23. Video game testing

All video games require testers, who can explore the game in various ways. The purpose of that is to find bugs and to make the game more enjoyable to the user. If you like video gaming, what better it could be to play lots of video games and be paid for it.

24. Computer Software Repair Work

If you are good with the installation and installation of various Windows and Linux apps, then you can make a decent income per month. Lots of small scales IT companies run their operating systems on open source platforms such as Linux in order to stay away from the expensive licenses of Windows and Apple. People have a hard time setting up the Linux and window according to their custom needs, and therefore, if you are able to do that, you can certainly earn a significant income.

25. Online Tutoring

There is very likely something that you love to do. And if you love something, you tend to enjoy teaching it too. This is why online tutoring is booming these days. With a decent internet connection, you can teach something online to anyone in the world and make a decent income.

Most Edtech companies are now offering online tutoring these days. You could do that too.

26. Renting Seedboxes

People rent seedboxes to hoard various data. Some use it for piracy while others use it to store their other valuable data. As long as you comply with the legalities, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot have a seedbox company. You however need to have some skills with troubleshooting the server using Putty, Filezilla and other platforms but all these can be learnt within couple of months only.

The income can be great for seedboxes. Plus, you really don’t need a lot of people to manage them. Most manpower for seedbox and such companies is required for customer care. If you do not oversell your seedbox and provide great service, you are unlikely to get many problem related queries from the customer, and in that , you really will not need more than a couple to manage. There are some seedbox companies who are reportedly being handled by just single owners.

27. Online set up for tutors and coaching centers

This demand came into limelight ever since the covid pandemic forced the lockdown for both jobs and educational institutions. it was and is still hard for coaching centers to set up online system to provide their services. And therefore, from there emerged a strong demand for people who could do it all these things.

Fortunately, with one time learning, one can set up the system, both hardware and software for the institutions to use it. And it pays well too.

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