100+ Funniest Quotes For Brother — Hilarious as hell

Brothers are some of the nicest creatures that you will ever find in this life. They come in all shapes and sizes. Strong, thin, thick, introvert, extrovert, and whatnot. If they are extroverts, they will pull your legs, make fun of you, and if they introverts, they may scold you, may give you pep talks from time to time, which you may not enjoy😁. But all brothers come with one genetic coding and that is to take care of their siblings. So if you have a brother and his birthday is today, then we have prepared some amazing funny quotes that will make him laugh his heart out. So let’s begin with those quotes.

Some secrets in life should be kept with brother only. And I have learned that a hard way 🤣 May a brother like you is always there for every sibling.

There are tons of dirty secrets about you that I have kept perfectly stored in my brain. In order for them to say there only, you have to wine and dine from time to time.

The best minds in this world are the ones that learn from the mistakes of others. May my nice brother keeps making them so that I keep learning from them.

Today is the day when you can gorge on food like the usual pig you are. And nobody will oppose you because we all will be doing the same.

Some people can be damn good looking, smart and handsome on one day and a total hideous on the other day like my dear brother.

When you will have your own family, you will not have any trouble in taking care of them because you already have a fabulous practice with me. So kudos to me for allowing you to take care of an angel from the divine🤣

We are not only related by Blood and DNA but also by our stupid habits which we are often hard to break.

If someone has shown me consistency in becoming lazy throughout the year, it is you my dear. A big salute to you.

There are times when you banters and jokes get on my nerves. In those moments, all I ever want to do is come behind you, give a tight nice hug followed by wild kick to your butt.

Dear brother! There is no shame in admitting that I am the role model that you follow. Your choice is good and you will pile up mountains of success.

Where there is a will, there is always a way. So once you become rich, may my name also found its way into your rich will agreement. 😎

If it was a crime in being handsome and charming, then my dear bro, you will be roaming freely in the streets. Don’t worry dear. I would also be there alongside you. 🤣

You have taught me many great things in life dear, like how to fart silently that no one gets to know, on how to make our parents mad and how to blunt with words. But you certainly deserve a nice happy birthday from my side.

For many people, wisdom is the natural by-product of ageing. But for some, it can also spiral down. Beware my brother. I hope it does not happen to you.

Age is just a number my dear brother. You are not only young in looks but in wisdom too.

There is justice in this world because some people do become more attractive in life and my brother is an excellent example of that.

The grey hairs on your head may reflect your dignity and wisdom but the reality we all know is far from that.

Today is the only day in the year, when I will be giving you nice wishes. The other days are reserved for hurls and abuses only 🤣 for your leg pulling of mine.

Special people deserve a special gift in their lives. I am sending you a nice one brother, along with an equally special invoice. May you keep the change ready for the COD guy.

When you are sleeping, I am having the time of my life because at those moments, I am making you funny faces.

Out of many things, your fart is the most unique one. It is the best mosquito (and human) repellant that I have ever come across. May you get it patented bro!

The divine always blesses our past Karma with the best in life. And see, he gave you the best brother/ sister that will cherish you all the life. There is justice in this world for sure. 😂

What is the best way to feel inspired, energetic, and vengeful for acquiring success? The answer is the straight boot on your behind, especially of your own sibling.

I don’t have a single father but two. My brother is the second one and he is more draconian than my biological one.

It is hard to remember my own birthday, let alone remember that of my notorious brother. I certainly deserve a king-size treatment for this special effort.

Some of the best quotes of funniness can be found on Google and Facebook. God bless the founders. Copy pasting one of them to you. Oops I forgot, a very happy birthday to you.

Your fart has become less disgusting with every passing year. I hope the trend keeps on continuing for the rest of the year.😂

May the space on your bed be replaced with women this year. May the divine gives you plenty of action.

Closing Thoughts

More often than not, it is hard to come up with funny quotes, especially if you have to come up for your brother’s birthday occasion. But worry not! Because we have prepared plenty of them for you. These are not copied from anywhere else. We have used our own creativity and we are sure that these hilarious quotes wishes will bring belly laughter for your brother. As usual, we request you to submit your feedback through the comment section. It helps us to improve our content. If you would like to add your own messages or quotes, then leave it in the comment section along with your name, and we will add it in this post along with credits to your name too. Cheers!

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