100+ Quotes on Beautiful, confident & Strong woman for reminding their worth

Every woman on this Earth is beautiful and deserves respect and equality from all spheres of society. But because we don’t live in an ideal world, women, belonging to any strata of society may face low self-esteem and undervalue themselves more often than we think. It is her sincere duty to pamper herself every day as the Almighty made her a strong, beautiful, and confident woman. Legends have it that the divine never commits mistakes. And if God made you, he certainly bestowed uniqueness to you along with self-worth.

Often the things that are intangible in life are the most potent. Self-esteem and charm is one such thing. While material accomplishments may aid you to feel good about yourself, you don’t need to wait to achieve something significant before loving yourself. There is something about a woman who is strong, charismatic, and takes on the world to bring her dreams to fruition. But if the drama of life is causing a tectonic shift in your perception about yourself (for the worst), then its time to remind yourself about being beautiful, strong, and mighty confident, the traits which you don’t need to acquire because the Almighty ingrained them into you as you are a creation of him. This article is a sincere attempt to provide valuable quotes that will remind you of your good things. Some quotes are by well-known people and some are from Anonymous on the Internet.

If people are angry with you for no reason, they are either intimidated by your beauty, charm, or charisma or they simply can’t bear the fact that you are a confident woman.

A sensible woman understands that life is hard for people of both genders and that people from all walks of life deserve respect.

Woman of high self-esteem and confidence can instill the same in her children and transform the fate of her family. May the world have plenty of such woman.

Women of all shapes, sizes, and colors have the ability to be real-life Sheroes. And the world will be transformed into a beautiful place if our children start reading about them instead of the fictional characters.

A strong woman is not immune to the hurt of others. It’s just that she has made herself capable of swallowing such things without letting it affect her self-esteem and worth.

Not every girl or man can digest your unique beauty. Some may feel shy but some will even resort to pulling you down.

Every woman knows how powerful beauty is. But only a level-headed girl knows to use it for the right purpose i.e. for spreading love and kindness and not for manipulating people.

God takes insane time when he creates a woman. He knows that every girl deserves to be made beautiful, and charming.

Women, in reality, don’t need to make up to look good. Their natural look is more than enough to ooze charm and charisma and if some people refuse to see it, there is something very wrong with them.

Reminding your worth in Career, Work-life place

Most people find it hard to believe that a beautiful woman succeeds solely because of her own, and not because she was offered a promotion on a platter.

You may be tempted to manipulate the colleagues at workplace with your extrovert nature, smile and gorgeous looks but a real woman prefers to get noticed by the merits of her hard work only.

Your colleagues may disagree with you a lot for no reason. This is because they don’t want you to know about them admiring your confident personality.

Health-related Inspiring quotes of strong and beautiful woman

You may be out of shape for now but that does not mean that you are not beautiful or that you can’t feel strong and independent. Such qualities come from deep within us.

The only thing that will always be there by my side in my mind, and my body and I will do everything to keep them healthy and thriving.

While exercising might make me fitter, it is my inner qualities that will bring a glow to my face and make me stand apart from the crowd.

For relationships

I don’t need a man to solve my problem every time. I can very well take care of them and, my wisdom certainly allows me to help my guy with his issues too.

There are only few % of men who can handle the gorgeous, wise, intelligent and funny woman. Such woman deserves the finest of men.

There may be one man who will refuse to acknowledge my sincere love and adulation for him but there are thousands of much better men, who will give the desired respect and love.

Nothing is more beautiful about a woman who is able to stand tall and not feel dejected when her partner does not talk sensibly.

In Entrepreneurship

Real women do not cry when the going gets tough. They brush asides their mistakes, become more determined, and starts to move again.

The world has seen enough of these fictional characters. It is now time they see a real woman making an impact on the world, beyond the wildest expectations.

I will always be the daddy’s princess but I want to establish my own empire through my hard work and persistence.

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