How to respond to rejection with dignity

The impulse of attraction towards another person is very strong. The butterflies in the stomach and the goosebumps upon the sight and hear of our crush is overwhelming. However, as much as we may like the other person, they may or may not respond back with the same enthusiasm. Rejection in any form of life is undoubtedly uncomfortable but when it comes in our dating life, it can be painful. Luckily, there is more to life than just dating and our whole world does not have to come crashing down. If you have suffered rejection, there are ways to respond with grace and dignity.

But for that you definitely need to have certain emotional traits, the ones which belong to a high-valued individual. Remember, your aim is not to portray yourself as a high-valued individual but to be actually one. Once you have that mindset, you can respond to their rejection in a graceful and dignified manner. In this post, we will list how high value people respond to rejection with dignity and will also discuss about the key emotional traits.

1. Understanding their response

There are many reasons why the other person have not accepted your approach. We tend to have the worst perceptions of ourselves when somebody does not accept us for who we are. In fact, there may be a possibility where you could have all the necessary traits to be highly desirable and perfect for them, but they weren’t able to see it that way.

If that is the reason then you could take a deep breath and respect the choice of the individuals knowing fully well that you were perfectly desirable for them. If however, you feel that the other individual was a catch for you, then you could always remain dignified in your response and wish them all the best because Dignity is an asset that only the kindest, altruistic and strongest can possess.

Author’s tip: – Having dignity, high self-esteem and self-confidence even in the face of rejection is not cup of coffee for everyone. Therefore, if you display such behavior naturally, the other individual will very well respect and think highly of you even if they have turned you down for any silly reason.

2. Do not be over-friendly, show anger (or even disinterest)

This may be a bit difficult to understand but if you have been turned down, then the best behavior to project is always that of neutrality towards that individual. Rejections can be hard to absorb and some people may opt to display an over-friendly behavior or a disinterest one. Both these forms of behavior and forced, unnatural and far from grace and dignity.

You also have to realize that you were your usual self before asking them out. So if you can brush aside the rejection and be your usual self towards that person again, that is a clear indicator of dignity and an abundant mindset individual.

3. Do not disconnect with them at once

While you may not feel like being your usual self with them, you should not stop your acquaintance with them abruptly. If you were enjoying a great chit chat with them earlier, you can reduce the intensity. But don’t try to stop everything from one go. If you do that, there will be awkwardness which will only create strain in the relationship with them. You can reduce the frequency of spending time with them bit by bit, until it becomes natural for you two to not talk anymore or you can continue to be your usual self with them again.

4. When they are around, be like your usual self with other people

It maybe hard to be your usual self with others when the individual who turned you down is also there in the group. But doing so will give a strong impression about you that the rejection did not pull you down. Most people will feel awkward in such scenario but not a high-value individual. People with high self esteem do not dampen their social life just because an individual has not reciprocated their feelings.

5. Always be the first one to address the awkwardness and don’t let it dwindle your relation with them

The atmosphere can be be awkward after getting turned down and some people develop animosity too. But a key trait of highly-valued individuals is their willingness to dissolve the awkwardness. Remember, that it takes a strong heart and a high self-esteem to address the awkwardness and if you can do that, then you have already displayed your worth. If you can be your usual self with them even after the rejection, then it will not only elevate your perception in their eyes but will give you tremendous self- confidence.

Now we have discussed the correct behaviors and actions, it is also important to have the right mindset to deal with such scenarios.

Have an Abundance Mindset

When you have an abundance mindset, no rejection is going to crumble your inner world. While you may not feel happy about someone turning you down, its their choice, just like you have your own. There are plenty of fishes in the pond who will give you a favorable response to your dating request. Once you have such an abundance mindset, then you will always be able to keep your head held high and respond to rejection with only grace and good wishes for the other individual who turned you down.

Author’s Notes: – Its an irony but when you display an abundant mindset, you automatically become more attractive, even to the one who turned you down. However, we encourage to adopt this mindset not for others, but for ourselves.

Always have a coping mechanism

No matter what the sorrow may be, there are some habits which helps us to cope with them immensely. Some people find it easier to calm themselves by shopping, by going out with close friends, watching a movie etc. It takes a while for our mind to come out of a rejection, even when we are a high value individual w.r.t. to the one who turned us down.

After a few days, when your mind has relaxed, you can think clearly and move on as if nothing really happened. Coping Mechanisms are plenty and really beneficial as described by Amy Morin from the verywellmind.

Keep moving towards your goals and visions

Trust us. Nothing should matter more to you more than your dreams and visions. The majority of your day should be focused on bringing those goals into reality. Dating is definitely a part of life and rejections do make us feel “Not So Good”. When your occupied with your heart’s desire, no rejection can pull you down and you will recuperate from the pain very easily.


You may not believe but people of all ages, strata of society face rejection in their dating lives. Dealing with rejections can be difficult but they certainly don’t have to knock you down in life. Once you have the right attitude, perception and self-esteem, responding with grace and dignity will come natural to you if you ever encounter rejection.

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