Reveal the player who did such thing to Yuzvendra Chahal, urges former Indian selector

Former Indian selector Saranadeep Singh has urged Yuzvendra Chahal to reveal the name who not only bullied the leg-spinner but also threw his life in danger back in 2013 when the particular player was drunk. Chahal had recounted the horrific details of the incident a few days ago on the Rajasthan Royals channel.

Speaking to ANI, the selector from North Zone has urged the BCCI officials to look into the incident so that a similar offense does not get repeated with other players.

“If it happened and Chahal opened up now, he should also reveal the name of the player who did this to him; this was a very serious matter, and the BCCI should look into it right away; a small amount of cuddling between players could happen, but this is a very serious offense; misfortune can happen to anyone, and if his hand was slipped up at that time, just imagine the worst-case scenario.” Sarandeep said

Ravi Shastri and Virender Sehwag too voiced their opinion in favor of the leggie who made a comeback to the Indian team last year. Chahal had revealed that it was during the party when the incident happened. Mumbai Indians had won the Champions League and were celebrating when the said player, who was drunk, grabbed Chahal and dangled him from the balcony of the 15th floor.

Understood then that one needs to be responsible wherever they go – Yuzvendra Chahal

Chahal admitted that the incident could have cost him his life and that he understood from then to be responsible wherever they go. Ravi Shastri has called for a lifetime ban on a player who does that to anyone and that such individuals need to get mental therapy.

“If it happens today, life ban for that person involved … send him to a rehab centre as quickly as possible. Let him not come near a cricket field again.” Shastri had said.

The leg-spinner is playing for Rajasthan Royals this year and has picked up 7 wickets so far from 3 matches.

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