100+ Sad But Happy Inspiring Quotes

There are many sad instances in our life which brings us down, which makes us feel worthless and make us doubt of our abilities. The purpose of life is to overcome those challenges so that we make our lives good and memorable for us and for the people around us.

To redirect our mind onto a positive outcome upon facing criticism and backlash is a skill in itself and Henry Ford, rightly said that whether we think we can or we can’t, we are always right in both scenarios. And this is the reason for producing this post. Here we have gathered some of the famous, sad quotes that have inspiration embedded in it. We are sure these quotes will help you to have a positive aspect of life in almost every endeavor. So, let us get started without wasting any time.

You don’t have a soul. You are a soul.

Nobody likes the uncomfortable period but that’s where growth happens.

The hardest thing in life is to accept that people who we like, don’t like us in return. The motivation lies in making our life so full of worth that those who rejected us, regret it later.

One can have all the money in the world but not happiness. Happiness, fervent moments, and joy lie within us.

Luck indeed plays a role in our success but our willpower and hard work can override it.

If it’s a bad ending, then it is not the end. Endings are meant to be happy. NO Exceptions!

2% of the population think, 3% of the population think they think and the rest 95% of the population will rather die than think.

It is ironic but sometimes the hardest thing is to let someone go out of our life who doesn’t value us.

At times, it is not feasible to reply to harsh criticisms and humiliation. Success is the befitting answer though that slaps it (and the people who do it).

When nothing is going on your life, then only your actions can transform it.

Happiness is not easy to achieve from the outside. Thankfully, it has and will always be an inside job.

When the going gets tough, then only the tough gets going.

There is no cosmic bell captain that can navigate our life without our desire and effort. The choice & POWER lies with US!

Wisdom is often not the by-product of aging. It is the result of trying and failing and still trying.

We do not get what we want. We get what we are. This is growth is paramount.

Death is not the end of life. It is the transition from the physical dimension into the unknown one.

You may have heard the phrase, no Pain, NO GAIN! It holds true in many aspects of our life.

It feels sad when a door of opportunity closes down but that’s when other doors open up.

We don’t have a spiritual experience sometimes. We are spiritual beings who are having a physical experience — Quote by Bob Proctor

Parents don’t owe their children. They are just the outlet for them to come into this world.

Some of the best things in life do not come easily. But then the reward and satisfaction are like no other when we achieve them.

There will be ups and downs in life. It is the law of nature. The good times prepare us to deal with the bad times.

There is a season of sowing and there is another season of reaping but we never do both in the same season.

People change. Some for the better, some for the worse. But you got to move on with your own life.

Related to Friendship

If a friend betrays you, then it is time to forgive him/ her, move on, and allow deserving people to come into your life.

Some people are good to be befriended but they may not be able to comprehend our visions and dreams.

People who respect you will do anything to save the friendship whereas people who don’t, will not shy away from moving out of your life.

Some people will deserve your sincere hugs and others will deserve your wildest kicks. In both the scenarios, give your very best.

Nobody has the right to make us feel inferior without our consent.

When people make fun of you, they are showing their own insecurities.

Relationships Sad but happy Inspiring quotes

The best relationship you will ever have is with you and yourself.

You may not be the most handsome man in the world but you certainly can be wildly attractive.

At times, it is not the difficult experiences that hurt us but the way our partner responds.

We can only expect the best from our partners but they may not be worth the expectations.

God does not make relationships in heaven. Instead he gives us all powers to forge a meaningful relationship with someone or not.

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