Salim Malik hits back at Shane Warne’s fixing allegations

Salim Malik, the former Pakistani captain has now hit back at Shane Warne who alleged in his documentary that Malik offered him a bribe of $200000 for bowling wide off stumps and for not trying to take wickets during the Karachi test in 1994 when Australia needed only seven wickets on the final day of the test match. In an interview given to, Salim Malik alleged that Warne is making these allegations after 26 years and the only reason is to promote his documentary.

Malik took a sly dig at Warne and said that the only reason Warne is talking about such things is that he wasn’t able to bowl out the Pakistani team. Australia needed seven wickets on the last day in the 1994 Karachi test when according to Warne, Malik offered the bride to him and spinner May on the evening of Day fourth.

According to Shane Warne, Malik requested Warne to meet and during their meet, said “Malik replied that ‘Well we can’t lose …. you don’t understand what happens when we lose in Pakistan. Our houses will get burnt down, out family’s houses will get burnt down’.

Malik also talked about a case where a representative of his went to Australia and won the case for him. Malik reveals that the Australian team was fined for wanting to acquire the pitch report and weather report. The Australian team then made an apology from the Pakistan Cricket Board. Malik says that they won the case back then and now Warne talking about the matter after 26 years in order to publicize his documentary.

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