100+ Short and sweet captions for Everyone

Sometimes, we feel like putting a nice sweet short captions on our Instagram, WhatsApp or even Facebook. Depending on our mood, it can be hard to come up with a relevant caption. And this is why we have written this post. We have prepared all sorts of short & sweet captions that will make your day.

Life is a wonderful journey. Feel gratitude to be alive.

If you have befriended me as your friend, then many congratulations. You have great taste indeed.

Having an altruistic heart is a rare gift these days.

If you understand yourself very well, you will rarely be harsh onto others.

No amount of money can substitute joy and happiness which comes from within.

Life without accepting changes is like trying to live on a stagnant water.

At times, what you lack in brain is very well compensated by your gorgeous looks.

When a pretty girl stares you, consider it as a compliment.

In most cases, it is not what you do that matters, but how.

Every good thing may have to come to an end, only to start again.

If people do not love you for who you are, then it is time to leave them.

Why would I want to be anyone else when the divine made me unique?

Growth is often accompanied with pain but for a limited time only.

An idiot can complicate any simple thing. It takes a genius to simplify it.

It requires a lot of skill and effort to be not arrogant to people who keep pulling you down.

Life is the best teacher in the world.

Compassion is not getting angry with other’s mistakes while hoping them to improve.

Everyone can thrive in good times. The character is getting up after being knocked down and keep moving.

Gravity is not hard to understand when you look at the old people.

Legends have rightly said that health is an inside job.

An inspiring person does not force you but lures you into hard work and work ethic.

Its hard to find crazy and sensible people until you meet me.

A sparkle in the eyes is often the indicator of your liveliness and passion.

The things that don’t kill you, makes you stronger.

The initial period for every worthwhile goal is always tough. Things become easier though with time.

Imagination is the greatest gift bestowed to the mankind from the divine.

The most astonishing miracle in this world is the creation of us.

A smile is a free medicine that makes us beautiful.

A good friend pampers us and kicks us behind at appropriate times.

Living and thriving in life are two different things.

When we love ourselves too much, then the love outpours from us to the others.

Success is not an absence of failure. It is moving from one to the next failure without any loss of enthusiasm.

The harder I worked, the luckier I got.

Love does not depend on the external environment.

The best people in the world are those who believe in making themselves better every waking moment.

Every old habit to be discarded requires a new habit to take its place.

A happy girl is often a beautiful girl.

A day without chit chatting with friends is a day gone wasted.

Some of the best things in life often come up with hard work.

An empty stomach teaches us every survival skill of life.

When the going gets tough, the tough certainly gets going.

I am my own favorite.

Eyes are truly the windows to our soul.

I may not be perfect but I am certainly the unique creation of the divine.

Nobody can make us feel inferior without our consent.

1 hour of productive work can equal 6 hours of unproductive work.

The best things in life are intangible in nature like love, respect and admiration.

Compassionate people are the divine’s gift to the world.

Fear is not always a bad thing.

The best things in life cannot be explained. They can only be felt.

Some people deserve our love and respect and some deserve our ignorance.๐Ÿ˜Ž

The best doctor in the world resides inside our body i.e. immune system.

The best pharmaceutical company in the world lies inside our skull i.e. brain.

I can, I will, Bounce Back!

The divine took a lot of time in creating me. But the result is absolutely worth the effort.

The best things in life comes to those who do not give up.

Every moment is an opportunity to bring our dreams into reality.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

There is no such thing as perfect because there is always room for improvement.

Life is a perfect roller coaster ride that will leave us enthralled.

Luck often favor those who are willing to give more than their ability.

It is good to have difference of opinions but not differences of heart.

You are more sweeter than the sugar and ice cream๐Ÿ˜‚

For the Husband

A great husband will not ask you to let him help. It will help you out without asking you.

The best husband is the one who is reading this caption.

There is insane pleasure when I pull your legs from time to time.

You are not only desirable in my reality but in my dreams too.

Your wife may not model like celebrity but she is wildly attractive and you are the lucky one๐Ÿ˜œ

You may not pamper me often but I know that you think about me all the time.

A great sex is all about keeping your wife happy outside the bedroom too.

If there would be an institution for churning out great husbands, mine would be the principal.

Short & sweet captions for the lovely wife

You arouse every fiber and cell of my being. Love you sweet heart!

Every ups and downs of life has meaning when you are with me.

Live and Let live is the motto I learned from my wife. Grateful for it.

The best therapy in the world is to tease my wife often from time to time.

The Almighty took a long time while designing you.

Stress cannot remain inside me if you are present around me.

A man is as good as her companion and partner in crime i.e. his wife.

Sometimes, we wonder how to laugh at our mistakes. The wife then helps it out.๐Ÿ˜‚

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