100+ Short, stomach-aching funny birthday wishes

Whether it’s your friend’s birthday or of husband, wife, relative, short but funny birthday wishes are guaranteed to bring laughter to their faces. Everybody loves a nice, stomach-aching laugh from time to time. And that’s what we have prepared in this post. The below wishes can be used for almost anyone. We are providing images too that will be even funnier. So let’s get started.

It’s a skill to fart without letting oneself know about it, let alone others. A skill I learnt it from you. Thanks for that! 🀣

Your strong relentless criticism has helped me immensely over the years for turning my dreams into reality over the years. Amazing contribution from you. That’s what great friends are really for, isn’t it!😑 😁😁

I am sending you lots of amazing birthday wishes, and blessings too. My gift will reach you too dear, along with the nice invoice too. Please keep the change ready for cash on delivery!

Nothing can wake up my friend from deep sleep except a powerful fart! So the next time you get woken up, please don’t be upset!

Becoming a swan is certainly possible after completing puberty. You are the biggest proof of it.

There is dozens of things very unique about you. Those things include your fart and snoring also.

Some dreams teaches us to trust our friends, relatives and let everything be on God. And a few others teaches us to go and kick a** of few people.

Ageing has surely given you ton of wisdom and success. Not to forget a bald head and funny look too.

You don’t have to feel very bad about turning older because as the legends have said, you are always younger than your next birthday!

Where there is a will, there is certainly a way. But one has to walk through it too!

The most important things in life are friends who treat you with free food and wine regularly.

Some things cannot be learnt with motivational posts. They can only be learnt by the wild kicks to our behind.

The best things in life comes to those who snatch away from the ones who acquired it in the first place.

For Husband!

The unwritten clause of every relationship is that the wife is always right for the first 100 years of life. But Happy Birthday to you today!

Do you know there are only a couple of lucky guys in this world who would not get a straight kick on their behind for leg pulling? Don’t be so damn and show your teeth because you are not one of them dear husband!

Some things can only be observed after watching it over the years. Who said that gravity and ageing are difficult to understand?

It is mesmerizing to see the amazing transformation of a man from James Bond to the Hobbit one. Takes a lot of effort and persistence. Isn’t it hubby!

You have been a wonderful husband all these years. It is time for you today to again show your love for me, by buying me a nice ring.

Your digestive juices are like the death poison for our mosquito friends. Thanks to your Fart that many of them have boarded to heaven.

I only thought that only women remain young and charming forever. Kudos to you for adopting my secret, which is lying through the teeth of course.

You may be exception (or may be not) but men really are like dogs for the first hundreds of their life.

Congrats for taking me to the most exotic places in the world all these years, in your dreams! I think now you should bring those dreams to fruition.

For Wife

It may be your birthday but we all know for whom we will do the shopping, as usual! But happy birthday to you!

it is my greatest desire to stare your beautiful face every morning followed by pouring of cold icy water onto it.

It is always the love that matters between husband and wife, so I don’t feel the need to buy a nice gift today dear Wifey! Enjoy the birthday though!

When I see you sleeping with the pillow, I feel as if the pillow is more lucky than me!

It is a myth that Wisdom always increases with age. For many men, it can also spiral down. Mine has reduced to half owing to someone’s nice contribution over the years. By the way, HBD dear wifey!

Its nice to feel energetic and vigorous from inside but sometimes the sight of your *** makes the job so much easier honey!

There is justice in this world. At times, when my lovely wife lacks in the brain, she compensates, or I should say over-compensates it very well with her model like looks.

Whether the husband makes the mistake or wife, it is the divine right of wife to be always right, every ******g time!

You look really young today wifey! I thought it was the happiness of your birthday but then I realized about the makeup too!

Closing thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed this post. These short and funny wishes are written uniquely here and not copied from anywhere on the Internet. We will keep on updating this post from time to time. If you feel like contributing to this article with similar wishes from your side, then do provide it in the comment section, and we will add it in post along with the credits to your name too. Cheers!

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