100+ Short Inspiring Nature quotes — Will make you awe

We, humans, tend to think of ourselves as the dominant creature. And yet legends and philosophers have realized that the more wisdom we acquire, the more we come to realize that we are just a tiny spec of Nature. Mother nature is the most healing, unconditional mother. It treats us with rewards when we work alongside it but it punishes us too if we cross our limits and go against her. This post is a list of short quotes about nature that are awe-inspiring. We have gathered from the internet. Some of them are from famous writers while the rest are from Anonymous.

It is ironic that the ingredients required for us to thrive in our heart, mind, and soul are available free of cost from mother nature.

Nature is the beast. A beast that loves us unconditionally, and punishes equally hard too!

The ingredients of Nature lies in simplicity. And humans should not disturb that balance whatsoever.

In every walk of life, nature certainly give us more than what we give back to it.

Nature might be a cruel teacher but it certainly teaches everything, for our betterment only.

A good week in the mountains can flush out the toxins out of your lung and renovate all the trillions of cells inside you.

Everything may appear solid but in the nature, there is nothing solid. Everything is jumping atoms and molecules.

No amount of make up can give us breath taking beauty if our lifestyle is not in sync with that of nature.

The best Vitamin D in the world comes from early morning sunshine.

The best pharmaceutical company in the world resides in you. It is called mind. And the best doctor in the universe is there to help you too. It’s name is the immune system.

If you want to see the miracles in life, then stop reading the fictional comics and start observing the nature.

The dog and cat knows the right kind of grass to eat when their tummy is in pain. They may not be like us but the divine blessed them with intelligence too.

No movie, no song will rejuvenate your heart, mind and soul like a simple barefoot walk on the wet grass in morning.

Nature does not discriminate. It plays fair with each one of us.

“The silence of nature is very real. It surrounds you, you can feel it.” — Quote by Ted Trueblood

There are many things about nature which are far from perfect, but they are absolutely beautiful.

The creatures who live in harmony with the nature enjoys great health, longevity and aliveness which can never be obtained from the man made food.

It is ironic that that the core components of nature like water and air are plain and bland and yet they rejuvenate every cell and fiber of our being like no other.

Fools are the creature who think they can outsmart and deceive the nature with their so called scientific experiments in the lab.

If you are not feeling alive, go to a quieter place and spend some solace time with the nature. It does the best healing.

No matter how bad your mood is, there is something about the early morning sun that wipes out the negativity from you.

Water not only quenches our thirst but also removes the dirt and negativity accumulated in our heart mind and soul. That’s why bathing every morning is so good.

If there is anyone who will never ever lie to you,
it is your gut instincts.
Pay attention to them because
they will guide you!

There may be heaven or hell after our death, but there is certainly heaven on Earth.

The humans may have advanced enormously in science and technology but they still cannot develop a drop of water. Only the intelligence of nature know that.

The shadow of the trees and the cool breeze can give you a rejuvenating deep sleep unlike any air conditioner in the world.

Every child born in this world is a genius, only to be converted into an idiot, in the place like school.

There is a divine intelligence that can solve every problem of our’s provided, we allow it to help us.

We do not see the world as what it is. We see the world with our lens of perception.

You didn’t come into this world.
You came out of it, like a wave from the ocean.
You are not a stranger here.
Quote by — Alan Watts

The more wisdom we acquire, the more we come to realization that the more there is out there that we still don’t know.

From the nature, we can learn that there is a season of sowing and there is the season of reaping, but we never do both in the same season.

If there is pure unconditional love, it is only from nature and its animals. They don’t have the materialistic greed like us.

A roof on the head, food to eat, clean drinking water, and let’s add a campfire too. These are worth more than millions of dollars in your bank account.

Nature is sweetest and also the harshest critic of our life. It rewards us or show us the consequences right into our face.

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