100+ Short & Inspiring Instagram captions – For Everyone

We all need short doses of inspiration from time to time. Contrary to the popular belief, motivation is not one time exercise that can be done in a while. With the amount of stress that we face and the superficial world that we live, we need to think of ourselves in superlative terms so that we can go through the hard times and bring our desires into fruition. In this post, you will find lots of Short but inspiring captions that you can use for everyone for Instagram, FB or WhatsApp.

Every day is a new beginning for life!

Circumstances are never bad as we think of them to be!

Boys chase Sex but Women chase Men!

Only a wise mind can mind can bring calmness to a distress mind.

I talk about myself only in superlative terms!

Hard working, rich and handsome. The deadly weapon!

Nothing is more pleasurable than haters copying your style and attitude.

Dreams are those which jolts you up from sleep!

Hard work and consistency defeats talent, every SINGLE time!

Luckily, health is an inside job.

Wisdom is the natural by-product of failures after failures.

A bad habit requires a good habit to be replaced with.

When class and character, the result is me!

Persistence is to success what Carbon is to steel.

I don’t enjoy fighting but if need arises, I kick ass.

Worthwhile things are hard to attain. That’s where the satisfaction lies.

The best argument in the world is Silence!

I prefer to be emotionally well-equipped rather than intelligent.

Solo company is the best company.

Happiness is available free of cost.

When Fear strikes my mind, I strike it back with my ACTION.

You do not understand something, unless you explain it to somebody, so that they understand.

Ignorance is a bliss, until you have suffered its consequences.

Failures are the stepping stones to success.

The more we know, the more we realize we don’t know.

Some people deserve your sincerity, some deserve your ignorance.

Ignorance is the best way to irritate arrogant people.

The best friend of mine will always be me, myself and I.

Success is the best revenge!

There are laws and there is right!

Be yourself. Those who matter, don’t mind. And those who mind, they don’t matter!

Toughness is getting up after a defeat and keep on moving!

God save my enemies!

The mother of guidance is intuition.

You are the unique creation of the divine.

Perfection doesn’t exist in Universe because there is always room for improvement!

Failure is the best propeller to success.

A good life is stretching yourself out of comfort zone, every time!

Life is 50% of how we react, and 50% of what we do!

A short life can be exhilarating whereas a long life may be bland!

Picture may say thousand words but it still required 5 words to understand it!

For Girls

Good girls may go to heaven but bad girls certainly go everywhere!

Live and Let live!

When you find a crazy and wise women, hang on to her tightly.

Hard work certainly pays off. One day or another!

Women don’t seek shoulders of men. They instead crush the obstacles on their own!

Bitchy mode is ON! Beware haters!

The way to my heart is through my stomach for sure!

Endorphins make you look good.

Women don’t complain. They work hard!

For Boys

Sometimes motivation doesn’t work. What does work is a strong kick!

Behind that innocent face, there is a wild side that only few lucky witnesses.

Men knows how to disagree with someone without disrespecting them.

Men neither raise their voice nor their hand. They raise their standards.

The answer to all the critics and haters is success.

When a man is determined, even the mountains move!

There are different seasons of sowing and reaping but we never do both at the same time.

Men may break rules but not promises and words.

Short Attitude captions

May the God help my enemies when I am on hunting savage.

For people wanting to be my friend, develop some class and charisma.

Don’t dare to copy my style. You will be sent a copyright notice!😎

There rarely is ever a GAIN without PAIN.

Good friends are like good condoms. They keep going even when they are torned.

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