100+ Short quotes on +ve attitude for every aspect of Life

Legends and philosophers have rightly said that the right attitude can achieve success beyond your wildest expectations. Just like our daily habit of bathing, brushing, eating, and sleeping, we also required daily short bursts of mind rejuvenation that help us to look at life from a positive perspective. Short quotes are easy to digest and help us to have a perfect attitude. This post is a sincere attempt to provide you that. We have gathered these quotes from the Internet for every aspect of life. Whether you need some motivation for a career, relationships, or for self-improvement, you will find plenty of them here. Some are covered by famous people while the rest are from the anonymous.

The best things in life comes to those who don’t give up.

Its easier to keep moving during great times. The character lies in repeatedly getting up after every failure and keep moving.

Every creature of this world deserves to be treated with respect, love and compassion.

My self -worth and confidence are not dependent on external validation.

I respect people around me. It’s just that I refuse to put them on a pedestal.

Its easier to change one’s attitude rather than changing that of thousand others.

When the going gets tough, it is always the tough that keeps going.

The best time to start doing something of your own is RIGHT Now!

+ve One line quotes for Career, Workplace, and Passion Related

People do not have to love me. They only have to respect me for my decisions.

A strong woman don’t want a red carpet and platter. She only needs equal opportunities to prove her mettle.

It is only the strongest heart that can take the criticism in a constructive way.

Where there is a will to succeed, a way automatically shows up.

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude — Quote by Maya Angelou

Professionals don’t let their mood dictate their performance at the work place or on the field.

Winners in life are not 10 times better than others. They just have the razor edge over their competitors.

If your goals and desire do not scare the day lights out of you, then they aren’t big enough.

Achieving goal may be hard in life but finding our real passion is more challenging.

Some seniors and colleagues will always find a way to demean your work. Don’t be angry because that’s the only way they can feel good about themselves.

Don’t work for a company. Always work for yourself and keep notching the skills.

When people starts to get envious at the work place, its a sign that you are progressing.

There is no such thing as hard work. The more the passion, the easier it is to put in the work.

Don’t be so grateful to work for a company. Instead, make the company feel grateful for having people like you.

Arguing with people who think one thing, feel another, and do the third thing is a waste of time and energy.

Short Quotes for perfect attitude in Relationships

Men with a decent income, a loving and altruistic heart should never be worried about women leaving them. If the women do so, it’s their loss.

Every woman is made beautiful by the divine. Her confidence and fiery personality can make a man go weak in his knees.

Differences of opinions are fine and maybe healthy too if the aim is to bring more transparency and betterment for everyone.

We may have the mountains, oceans and continents between us, but our love transcends all of that to reach other hearts.

Once you are filled with self-love, loving the partner comes naturally to you.

People who cannot help you at your worst don’t deserve your time and attention of your very best.

Charm and charisma are the intangible yet powerful ingredients that can make anyone fall in love with you.

There may be all sorts of individuals. But there will never be anyone like you. The divine made you unique for a reason.

The right attitude For great Health

Great health comes from inside and not from outside.

The best pharmaceutical company in the world resides inside my body. And the greatest doctor is there too. His name is Immune System.

Forgiveness is all about relieving yourself from the anger and resentment for the other person.

When you help others, you help yourself, because we are all brothers and sisters to the other people.

Early sunlight is the best source of Vitamin D that cannot be substituted with a multivitamin.

I drink when I am thirsty, I eat when I am hungry and I sleep when my body is fatigue.

The best lifestyle for your body is the one that is sync with nature.

Its not the positive thoughts but the positive, sincere feeling that changes the life for good.

For Friendship

One good friend is more than enough for thousands of so called acquaintances.

Friends can have difference of opinions but not differences of heart!

A good friend not only shares his/her time with you but their presence enlivens the every cell and fiber of your being.

Some of your friends will resonate more with your thoughts, feelings and perceptions than with your parents or siblings.

Friendship is like the sine wave. There will be ups and downs. If you can accept both, it will be an awesome journey.

Friends are not there only during your great times. They share your uncomfortable period too and help you to come out of it.

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