10+ Signs your friend doesn’t care about you anymore

Its a harsh reality that people change. Your good old friend who you once thought was inseparable, may not agree with your thoughts, perceptions and likes anymore. We all witness some form of minor rejections from them at times, but let it out of your consciousness until it really starts to bother us. So if you are really concerned whether your friend still care about your and the friendship, then this detailed post will immensely help you.

They don’t make eye contact like before

Having a soft eye-contact while conversing is one of the prominent signs of great friendship. There is a saying that eyes are the window to your soul and they usually reflect the truth. However, people avoid making eye contact with someone who they do not mix well. Now your friendship may be soaring through the roof earlier but if your friend have started avoiding looking at you, then maybe he/ she do not like you like before. There could also be temporary issue going on between the two of you which is why your friend is acting in such a manner.

They are always busy especially whenever you make plans for outing or get together

Friends make time for each other, no matter how much they are busy. However, sometimes a genuine reason might compel them to cancel the plans but if they are not taking initiatives to compensate them later on, then it is a serious issue to consider.

Author’s tip: – If your friend is caught having free moments doing other activities or outing with someone despite claiming being busy to you, then its a clear signal that they do not care about you. Real friends, when they say they are busy, are actually busy and will definitely get back to you for quality time as soon as they are free.

They make sarcastic jokes about you in front of others

Humans usually sarcasms about things which they don’t like. People who make sarcastic jokes of you openly don’t have good thoughts about you running in their minds. While once in a while sarcasm may be for humor only, but if they regularly do that, then they don’t deserve to be your friends anymore.

They don’t call you back upon missing your phone

We may take our friends lightly at times because we are too close with them. However, outright neglecting the calls of a friend is downright disrespectful. It your friend is doing that to you, then it shows that they don’t consider your feelings, which is not what friends do. While they may be busy when you call them, if they are not making the effort to call you back, then its clearly not a healthy sign of friendship.

You are always the one to initiate

Normal friends play equal part in setting up a time for each other. While one of them can be busy at times, its only temporary until they are back to their usual self. However, if you are seeing a different pattern where only you are initiating to spend time with each other, then its time to ponder whether your friend is actually trying to avoid you.

Replying late via texts with short answers

People who like each other, usually respond text with enthusiasm and in detail. There are some who do not like to text. They compensate it with calls and other gestures. But if you have noticed that your good old friend is not only replying you late, but giving you short replies despite being free, its a clear indicator that he is pondering about spending time with you.

Not in the present moment

One of the easiest ways to disrespect a friend is to be engulfed in another thought process while spending time with him/her. But we have to make it clear. Your friend might be having depression or have turned inwards due to recent negative experience. If that’s what the case is, then you can try to solve their worries. However, if nothing seems wrong and your friend is more interested in whatsapping other people, or doing something other than being fully present in the conversation, then its a clear indicator that he is not enjoying your company.

Showcasing your weak points right into your face

While a good friend will always inspire you by letting you know about your strengths and weakness, if your old friend, who you once considered as the best buddy, is reminding you constantly about your negative points, maybe they are jealous of you. Friends understand the dynamics of human behavior and will know when to criticize their friends and when not to. If your

They talk badly about you behind your back

While we all make minor and non-humiliating jokes about our friends in front of others, but if you find your good friend talking bad about you behind your back, then you really need to consider the friendship with them. Needless to say but friends don’t do that. They don’t mock or make humiliation behind their friend’s back. They may disclose that everything is not going good between the two of you but they certainly refrain from speaking bad and derogatory.

They call you after a long time, ask about your well-being and then quickly escalate to ask for some favors

Have you witness such behaviors from people who you once considered real good friend of yours? They may have gone far, or pursuing totally different thing than you which is what have brought some distance in your friendship. But they call you rarely, and when they do, they do the formality of asking your well-being and then immediate ask you for some favors, thereby declaring their intent of calling you.

Let us say this loud and clear. FRIENDS don’t do that. Friends find silliest reasons to call each other. They may ask for your help but their prime intent is to always be in your vicinity, if not possible physically, then my msging, whatsapping, or video calling. If someone you consider as friend, has started calling you only for getting some work done, then may be they have changed.

They avoid meeting you or prioritize other aspects of time spending over you

We all know how lame the excuse is that we are always busy and don’t get time. The presidents of super power countries can make time for their friends and families; then what is stopping our good friend to make time for us. Nothing! If your once good friend is making time for plenty of things other than you, may be they don’t want your company. As much as it hurts, you should let them choose other things over you and move on to different things.


Sometimes, its a hard fact of life that people change, their perceptions, liking and interest changes. While people have all the right to choose what they like, one should not disrespect anybody, let alone their old friends. If you ever feel that your friend is avoiding you with all his / her might, then may be its time for you to ponder over what really made them do so, and whether such action from their part is really justified! If you feel that you deserve a lot better than what they are treating you now, may be should consider moving on and make new friends who will value your time and effort.

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