100+ Simple, worthy & Sincere birthday wishes for everyone

You may have heard the phrase, “Simple is better” and we indeed wholeheartedly believe. Simplicity is the virtue of someone who speaks from his/ her heart and doesn’t show off. Simplicity might seem bland in our highly superficial world, but it is the one thing that fulfills every fiber and cell of our being. Contrary to the popular belief, it is not easy to be simple, and sincere too. While giving flattery can make anyone feel good about themselves, it can never be a substitute for sincerity. So if today is the birthday of your good friend, then you can bring tears of joy and smile on him or her with your honest wishes. And that is what this post is all about.

It is only we humans who try to complex things in life and then we wish for them to be simplified. But as long as we have people like you in this world, I am certain that life will be joyous and meaningful for your friends.

Your wonderful personality is like the mesmerizing rainbow of the sky with different shades of joy, enthusiasm, and vigor; each complimenting the other with perfection. May this rainbow keeps shining like this for eternity.

When the divine was creating you, he certainly took care of all the physical as well as the emotional aspects.

The going can get tough if we are on the right path, but people with the heart and courage will always make it till the end.

Persistence is the heroic connotation that no one ever talks about. It may be intangible but it produces some mighty tangible results in life.

If someone has lost faith in the humanity, then they should come and befriend a person like you who will reignite all their desires with his compassion, empathy, charm and aura.

In the superficial world that we live today, it is hard to find a person who will place an umbrella of love, respect and adoration on the other needy people. The world would be so much nicer and cooperative if there would be more people like you. God bless you!

It is only our good Karma that have brought us together as great friends in this lifetime. In the previous ones, we may have as well been brothers for sure. But I hope that we will be brothers in the coming lifetimes.

Some people do not require to say too much. Their demeanor, strong personality and good looks do all the talking.

Some friendships in life only comes because of the blessings of the divine, like that of ours’s. I wish our friendship will soar higher and higher with every passing year. Happy Birthday my dear friend!

Some things need to be said in life. They can be understood just with a quick glance of a genuine person. Needless to say, I am more than happy to have a person like you in my life.

While luck and hard work certainly plays a big part in success, it is also the support of genuine people around us that makes the work easier. I wish that all your complexities in life be solved because you deserve every bit of the blessings from the divine. Happy Birthday Dear!

The best people in our lives are the ones who extend their help when we really need them. May you always be surrounded with such people because you yourself are the one who always help the needy ones.

We may have many acquaintances in our life but thousands of them will not able to equal the value of a genuine friend who will come in handy at all the unexpected hours like you are.

No matter how much wealth and money we acquire in our daily lives, it is the fervent nature, joy, tranquility, and peace that ultimately nourishes our heart and soul. I wish to the divine that he propels you to insane success in every aspect of your life. HBD

People with wisdom, knowledge and work ethic will never shy away in going through the lows and difficult times because their desire to succeed is more than their fear of failure.

Simple people may not have a lot of dramas in life. They may not have the crazy highs and lows, but just like water and air, they make you feel alive in every aspect of life.

A moron is someone who makes the simplest of things complex while it takes a genius to simplify things. The world would be so much better if there would be more people like it.

A lot of things in life can only be learned when good habits from others permeate our body, mind, and soul. I have learned exceptional things from you and they have certainly paid me big time in my personal and professional life.

It is ironic that the whole life we work for the tangible things so that they help us to feel the intangible ones like love, laughter, happiness, joy and tranquility!! May you keep your pursuit high but I wish you to happy all the times.

When the divine wants to make a highly altruistic person, with innate morals and ethics who can spread love and happiness in the world, he certainly thinks about using your DNA, body and mind references.

Closing Thoughts

We would like to thank TyohaarUtsav for allowing us to take help from their article. It is strange to believe that we are finding it harder to show our simpler and real side to the friends and our families in today’s world. And this is something which is very concerning. We can have fight, have difference in opinions with others, but once in a while, it is imperative for us to show our empathy and humor side to the people who matter a lot. We hope that you enjoyed reading the wishes in this post. We will, as usual will update you with more of them. Please let us know your valuable feedback in the comment section.

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