Sister 40th Birthday Images & Wishes 2021

Welcome to the new decade my dear sister where opportunities are waiting in abundance for you to make the most of them. May the blessings of the divine bless upon you all sorts of happiness, health and prosperity. All the best.

You are not only a sister but a guide, mentor and a happy go lucky woman who always illuminate our lives with optimism, laughter and inspiration. May every sibling gets a sister like you. Happy 40th Birthday to you lovely.

The divine has bestowed you with all the talent and abilities in this lifetime. Your gift to him is to make the most of those talent and abilities as much as you can, in this lifetime. All the very best for the new decade, and new year. Love you to the moon and back.

Legends has rightly said that at times, we don’t get what we want but are blessed with more than that. Like he bestowed a wonderful brother like me to you. Happy Birthday dear sister.

Today is a special day because you descended into our family on this very day. Words cannot express how much we love you. You are the greatest gift of the divine to us. God bless you my sister and happy birthday.

May your beauty, charm and charisma reaches the limits of the sky with every passing year. May all your professional endeavors turns into gold this year. Lots of love and blessings to you.

With every passing year, you are turning into a fine looking lady with more wisdom and intelligence. May the trend continues for eternity.

Some of the greatest accomplishments of people have come in their forties. May you don’t shy away from new endeavors of life. Happy Birthday!

Many of the happiest moments of life have courtesy of my darling sister. She is the quintessential girl that every family deserves. All the best wishes to you dear!

When the Almighty wants to make a beautiful and kind-hearted lady, he takes the reference of my dear sister. A very happy 40th Birthday to you dear.

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