Sister 60th Birthday – Wishes, Msgs, and Greetings

Dear, Sister! Congrats on turning 60th. You have done amazing in being 60 and still looking drop-dead gorgeous. May you retain your charm and beauty forever. Happy 60th birthday to you.

You are the foundation that has allowed me to achieve monumental success in life. I wish every person has a sister like you. May you always be my sister in all the next lifetimes. Happy sixtieth birthday to you.

Dear, Sister! When the going gets tough, the tough always gets going. May the difficult times do not let your morale down as your lovely brother will always stand by your side through thick and thin. Happy Birthday to you.

Sometimes, we do not get what we desire. But then the divine blesses us with more than that. I may not have been the perfect sibling but you are definitely the perfect sister in the world. A very happy 60th birthday to you.

Dear, Sister! You have taught me many things in the world but the best one is how to stay young, charming, and forever by lying through the teeth. Happy Birthday, dear. Welcome to the sixties.

It takes an insane level of patience, and dedication to handle a sister like me. Many congratulations on turning 60. You are smart, gorgeous, and beautiful like your heydays. May you always be happy, healthy, and thriving. Happy Birthday dear Sister!

You deserve all the hugs and kisses because you are the sweetest sister that I could have ever had. I wish you be my sister for the next lifetimes also. Wishing you all the luck and love. Happy 60th birthday.

You are the quintessential woman which every family would love to have. You may not be my mother but you are no less than that either. Happy 60th birthday to you my dear.

You are not only my sister but also a friend and my mentor. The world would be so nice, peaceful, and thriving if there would be more sisters like you. God bless you sister. Love you to the moon and back.

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