60th Birthday Funny Messages- Hilarious 60 wishes

Wherever we see, turning sixty is often connotated with sadness and degradation of life’s quality. Life is all about being happy at the moment and being optimistic for the future. Fun is often the best form of optimism and nothing could be better to wish someone a 60th birthday than a funny, heartfelt, and cheerful birthday wish. This post is all about the 60th birthday funny wish that you can send to your mom, dad, brother, sister, or even friend. We are sure that these hilarious messages will ignite the optimism inside you.

You may have turned sixty but you are still giving the youngsters a run for the money. May sixties be the new thirties for you.

You have now reached an age where a line in the front of the doctor will seem like a mile one. Don’t worry though because you seem mighty healthy even in your sixties. May the health remains good for many more years.

Nothing is more joyous in life than to witness the ups and downs with a happy-go-lucky attitude. You are an inspiration to all of us.

It is wonderful to laugh and fart at the same time. What are your thoughts on it?

Happy Birthday to the one who is more energetic, lively, and funny than all the twenties and thirties I have seen.

Someone has rightly said that at this age, men need love, care, and hugs. Therefore, sending you those instead of gifts.

Hey dear. You have reached an important milestone in your life. So sending you a special gift, along with an equally special invoice. May you keep the change ready for the delivery guy.

Legends have rightly said that when sixty approaches, everything tends to gaze at the floor only.

There is an appropriate saying that when the going gets tough for a man, the tough get going to the wifey for help.

Hello Uncle! Many Congratulations on turning sixty. Now you have become perfectly eligible for senior citizen membership.

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