Happy 10th Birthday Son from mom | Special mommy wishes

Dear Son! Its been ten years since you arrived in our family. We always wanted a cute, little healthy baby and the divine blessed us with more than that.

To my wonderful Son! Many many happy returns of day on your 10th birthday. It has been a decade but it feels as if you descended from heaven yesterday. May you accomplish success way beyond your imagination.

Some happiness cannot be expressed with words. It doesn’t matter how much you will grow up, for me you will always be the cutie-munchy pie toddler.

These 10 years have flown by quickly. They have been awesome and I am sure that the next decade will be full of more lively moments, happiness, health, and wealth. A very happy 10th birthday and all the best for your endeavors.

I may not be the best mommy but you are certainly the best Son that I could have got from the divine. Your smile eliminates all my worries and rejuvenates all the cells of my being. May you be my Son for the next lifetimes also.

A wise once said correctly, that if it ain’t light at the end of the tunnel, then it ain’t the end of the journey.

Nothing is more valuable to a mom than the smile and well-being of her son. You are the best thing that could have happened to me. I wish there be more sons like you in this world. A very happy 10th birthday to you.

Happy Birthday to an awesome boy who is charming, handsome, and kind-hearted. The divine infused you with all the right qualities that I always wanted. May all your dreams come to fruition.

Dear Son! Always remember that where there is a will, there will always be a way! Ever since your arrival, happiness has been bestowed to us by the grace of divine. I wish it always be like this. Happy Birthday to a sweet kid.

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