Happy 17th birthday Son – Heartfelt 17th wishes

Every birthday of your Son is special and the seventeenth year is no special. Make your Son feel awesome and special on his 17th birthday by giving him worthy wishes. Lots of them are on this post and we know how cheerful your Son will be after seeing such wonderful words from you on your 17th birthday.

Happy Birthday to the wonderful Son. I wish they would be filled with more such handsome guys like you. All the very best for the coming months and years. Lots of love.

A wise man once said that there may not be any heroic connotation to the word persistence but it is to success what Carbon is to steel. May this slogan always be in your cnsciousness. Happy seventeenth birthday.

There will be times when your inner strength only will propel you to come out of the difficulties of life. May you never ever shy away from giving your best my Son. Happy 17th birthday to you.

We may fight and disagree at times, but we will always be by your side to guide you through the tough times of life. May the blessings of the divine always be upon you. Happy seventeenth birthday.

Happiness is seeing your gorgeous son, turning more gorgeous with every passing year. May you surpass success more than your expectations.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. May you never ever back down from what you always dreamt of.

It is the year of your life filled with adrenaline, cheerfulness, and optimism. May it always remains the same for you.

You certainly have turned 17th but it feels as if you were born yesterday only. It doesn’t matter whether you turn 17th or 30th, for us parents you will always be the cute little toddler who always brings a smile to our faces.

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