Son 21st Birthday From Mom – Wishes & Letters

Every occasion has its own significance and when it is the birthday, that too of a son, then it is indeed more special. Every Mom and Dad want to speak the best wishes for their Son’s birthday. However, coming up with them at the needed hour is often difficult. This is the reason we write such posts where beautiful messages are jotted down infused with creativity, humor, and love. If you are a Mommy wanting to wish her Son the best of messages on his 21st birthday, then you will find plenty of them in this post. So let’s get started without wasting any more time.

Dear Son! Very happy to see you turning twenty-one. May God bless you with immense happiness in the world. Lots of love from mommy!

It is no secret that you are center of my universe for the last twenty-one years, and will always be for eternity. May I always have you as my Son for eternity. Happy 21st birthday.

When the going gets tough for the boy, the boy goes running to the mommy, for help. Come what may, I will always extend help, blessings, and love to my adorable Son. May all your dreams come to fruition. Happy Birthday sweetheart!

It is going to be a decade where my handsome son will enjoy plenty of attention from the opposite gender.

The world would be so much nicer, peaceful, and cooperative if there would be more handsome men like my son. May your rugged and chiseled look only get better with passing years. Happy 21st birthday handsome.

You may have turned twenty-one but your wisdom is light years ahead of your peers. May you continue to widen it with experiences.

I may have given birth to you but raising you has taught me so much that has helped me to evolve into a better person. I thank you for that my Son. You are truly a great soul and I wish every family gets a Son like you.

Son twenty first Happy birthday by Mother

The day you came into my Womb, I knew that you were going to be a special Son. I pray to the divine to give you a healthy life of 100s of years.

May this decade of life unfolds success, prosperity, and other things for you. Wishing you immense success in your personal as well as professional endeavors.

It has been twenty-one years since that special year when you arrived on this planet but for your mommy, every single day of those years has been special. I am sure the divine will unfold much more happiness in the coming months and years.

Funny 21st wishes for Son from Mother

A good Son knows how to appreciate his Mom’s cooking, especially when it is downright worthy of criticism. So glad to have such a son like you.

Now that you have turned twenty-one, you may assume that nobody can dictate you, that too for life, except for one individual, and that would be your wife.

Hey son! Welcome to the age when the members of the opposite gender will bless you with time and attention for no reason. May you choose the best one only.

I have seen our darling Son sleeping with the pillow, and we can say that his future girlfriend and wife will be one lucky woman for sure.

Someone has said it rightly if a Son is old enough to criticize his Mom’s cooking, he might as well prepare his own food.

Dear Son! I have time and again seen how you sleep with a pillow and I can certainly say that your future wife and girlfriend will absolutely adore you for it. Happy 21st birthday.

Inspiring Quotes on 21st Son

Hey Son! You may have heard this infinite times but when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Inspiring messages for Son on his birthday

The worthwhile things in life do take hard work and patience, which the divine has bestowed you these traits in plenty. Wishing you an infinite amount of love, happiness, and well-being. Happy 21st birthday dear Son.

Now that you are twenty-one, you are well-tuned to tackle the hardships of life. Don’t doubt yourself for a second because the divine has given you all the attributes to achieve success.

Failures and betrayals often teach us more than hundreds of accolades and winnings. May your self-esteem and confidence always remain high.

If it ain’t light at the end of the tunnel, then it ain’t the end of the journey. Continue propelling towards your journey my Son and success will soon reveal itself to you.

Success rarely comes up without hard work and smart work. May you never ever shy away from doing it. A very happy birthday to

Sometimes, life throws curveballs that are hard to deflect but real men take up the challenges and derive something from them.

You might be many things again in the future but this exuberance of youth and charm is all of yours at this very moment. Enjoy life dear Son. Your Mommy’s blessings are always upon you.

It is no secret that the divine has been bestowed with plenty of talent and ability. And your gift to the divine is to make use of those talents and abilities in this lifetime. Happy twenty-first birthday.


This brings us to the conclusion of our post. We wish that you have enjoyed reading the messages. These wishes are originally written by our team and will surely bring a smile to your Son on his birthday.

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