Son 32nd Happy Birthday | Awesome wishes on 32 birthday

To my dear Son who has been the center of my universe for the last 32 years. Know that mommy will always be by your side through thick and think. May you work hard to transform your dreams into reality. Wishing you luck and love in all your endeavors. Happy 32nd birthday.

Dear Son! Legends have rightly said that the best things in life often come up with hard work and persistence. The divine has blessed you plenty of talent and ability. Your gift to him would be make use of that talent and ability in this lifetime. Happy 32nd birthday

With every passing year, you are turning more handsome, gorgeous and charming. May the trend stays like that forever. Happy Birthday my Son!

Its the day when we are going to have a blast. Gifting you couple of really awesome gifts along with an equally expensive invoice. Please keep the change in tact for the delivery person. Happy Birthday dear Son!

You may have grown to be 32 years of age but you will always be the cute, little adorable son who we held in our arms 32 years for the first time. May there be more sons like you in this world. A very happy birthday.

We may not be the perfect parents but the divine has certainly blessed us with the perfect son. May you never shy away from putting in the hard work to achieve your dreams.

Now that you have turned 32, mommy wants to remind you to use all the 32 teeth while chewing your food. Happy Birthday to the wonderful Son.

There are times when the divine doesn’t give us what we want by heart but he blesses us with more than that, like he bestowed a gorgeous and altruistic son like you to us. May every family gets a son like you. Happy Birthday.

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