Son 35th Birthday Wishes | Special 35th from Mom & Dad

Its unbelievable to think that 35 years have passed by since your arrival into our family. Life took a turn, for the good upon your birth. Raising you may have been challenging but all of that has been worth the effort. I wish there be more sons in this world. A very happy 35th birthday.

Dear Son! When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. May you never wither away from putting in the hard work for achieving success. Wishing you love and luck in all your endeavors. Happy 35th birthday.

We are lucky that we have not only got a great son but also a fantastic daughter in law who is more like a daughter to us. I wish every family gets a son and daughter in law like the two of you. Happy 35th birthday to my dear son.

The divine has infused with all the right qualities that we ever wanted in our Son. May we be your parents in the next lifetimes also. All the very best for the coming months and years.

You have been the quintessential son that we have always wanted. I pray to the divine to grant you health, happiness and wealth for the eternity. May you be my Son for the next lifetimes also. A very happy and charming 35th birthday to you dear Son.

Dear Son! Your wife is the luckiest woman in the world because we have seen how you sleep with a pillow. May every woman gets a husband like you. Proud of you dear and happy birthday to you.

Hey Son! Whether its your birthday, your’ wife, or our’s, we very well know who will be doing the shopping for whom. Lets find an awesome birthday cake for you today. Happy Birthday!

No matter how hard the times will be, we will always stand by your side dear Son. All the best for your endeavors. May you surpass your own expectations of success. Happy 35th birthday.

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