Son 5th Happy Birthday | From Mom & Dad

It is a happy day for us parents. Five years ago, a bundle of joy descended into our family by the grace of the Almighty. Seeing you witness growth after every year makes the heart joyous and heartwarming. May the years of prosperity, wealth and happiness always be upon us. Happy fifth birthday to our awesome son.

Hey Sonny! There is a perfect saying that at times, God doesn’t bless us with what we want but with more than that. We always wanted a cute, little gorgeous son. But the divine gave us more. So happy to see you grow. A very happy 5th birthday.

We may not be the best parents but you are certainly the best Son that any parents would have. You enliven the cells of our beings with your cute smile, and enthusiastic behavior. I wish there be more sons like you in this world. Happy fifth birthday to my darling Son.

It’s the day which we are going to celebrate with all our might. It’s the day when the sun is shining brighter, the birds are chirping louder and the wind is soothing because it is the birthday of my Son. May you grow up to be more handsome, charming, and wise, just like your dear father. Happy fifth birthday to you.

The last five years have flown by. Every day has taught us something new about you. After all, the divine blessed you with so much. We pray to the divine for your health, happiness, and prosperity. May you surpass your own expectations of success. Happy fifth birthday to you.

The Lord took an insane amount of time when he was creating our Son. He infused him with all the right qualities and I am glad that I am the mommy of such an awesome Son. Can’t wait to see you grow up and acquire the attention of all the ladies in the world. Happy 5th birthday dear Son.

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