Son 40th Birthday | Special 40 messages from Mom & Dad

Happy Birthday my dear Son! At times, we may agree and disagree but my love for you will always be eternal. You are the best son that any father could have. A very happy 40th birthday to you. May you always be my son in all lifetimes.

Dear Son! I still remember the time when you arrived on this planet forty years ago, when we held you in arms for the first time, and your first cries and yawn. You may have turned forty but you will always be the adorable toddler of mine. Happy fortieth birthday darling Son. May every parent gets a son like you.

Thanks to the divine for giving me not only the best Son but also the best daughter-in-law. May there be more couples like you in this world. Happy 40th birthday my handsome Son.

Hey Son! We may be far away but we will always be connected by the invisible strings of love, care, and respect. My thoughts and wishes will always be there for you. May you surpass your own expectations of success. Many many happy returns of the day to you.

With every passing year, my dear Son is turning more handsome, charming, and intellectual. I pray to the divine that the trend continues. Happy fortieth birthday gorgeous Son.

Dear Son! May you never forget that where there is a will, the Almighty will always present a way. Adversities may test the best of you but the divine has blessed you with enough skill and talent to propel you to success. Happy 40th birthday.

Some of the happiest moments of my life have come up because of you. You are the cutest soul that illuminates our heart and soul every day with your charm, charisma, and kind heart. We hope there be more sons like you in this world. Happy 40th birthday to you my dear!

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