100 + Son Funny Happy Birthday From Mom

Every child craves love and emotional support from their parents. Giving your Son birthday wishes might be simple and straightforward. But what if you could add the humor and show the exuberance and sparkling side of the personality? After all, every Son would love to hear funny birthday messages from his mother. And that’s why we are writing this post, to give funny birthday wishes to your Son. The wishes are written from Mommy’s perspective. So let’s get started!

I have seen how you sleep with the pillow. And I am extremely sure that your girlfriend and future wife will absolutely adore you for it. 😀

If God gives you choosing between money and happiness, choose money and that work hard to attain happiness.

Son Funny birthday wish from Mom

You may be smart, handsome, and good-looking but remember all those exotic features came from your mommy’s side. So always bestow her with your pampering.

There is a saying that if you want others to be happy, practice compassion. But if you want yourself to be happy, then bother your mother.

They say that optimism is the faith that leads to confidence and action. But I seriously believe that a wild kick to the behind does the trick. What are your thoughts on it dear Son? By the way, a very happy birthday to you from Mommy.

Happiness is always a by-product of tantrums laid down upon mother by Son.

Dear Almighty! I am so happy that you blessed me not only with a Son but also bestowed him with lots of awesome traits from her mother’s side.

I never knew raising a kid like you would be so challenging, let alone popping you out. But great to see that you are getting on track.

You don’t need many people in life to help you become successful. A couple of bold ones like your mommy and daddy are enough to put a kick in your arse from time to time.

If the door of opportunities does not come your way, then make your own and break it down. But please don’t try this stunt on our home door.

Only a cute, handsome son has the privilege to empty the bank account of his mommy and still not get a whack behind his back.

I hope my Son realizes that if he is old enough to criticize my cooking, then he is certainly old enough to prepare his own meal.

May the divine bestows all the money in the world to your feet along with lots of money too.

Its funny that in order to not do anything, we still need to take a nap and sleep like a dinosaur.

Being happy in life is not about going everything according to your way but having one supportive shoulder on whom you can rest your head and cry but not let your nose drain on it.

Dear Son. You need to understand that when I say I will do something in a minute, it usually means that I am praying for you to forget it.

Someone has rightly said that a Mom is used to seeing his kids banging on the bathroom door like a Swat when all they want is ice cream from the fridge and Dad is standing in the kitchen.

The best way to do the shopping for my son is not to do shopping in the first place.

It’s the day when you eat your favorite meal from outside. Just don’t gorge on food like a pig though.

Mommy is so happy that his Son is turning out exactly like him. Smart, attractive, and mischievous. May you always stay this way, my Son. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday to the Son who will always be the center of our universe. May every family be blessed by a child like you. All the best my dear.

A very warm birthday to my Son. I know it sounds exactly as if your Girlfriend is wishing you. But it is your Momma.

My Son. You have reached the age where you will be getting plenty of attention from the opposite gender. Don’t you dare take advantage!!!

When the going gets tough, the tough get going to the mommy for help. Happy Birthday to my Son.

You may have grown up but you will always be the cute little toddler for your mommy who came from the heavens.

This birthday deserves a great gift from your Mommy. Sending it you neatly packed, along with the invoice too. May you keep the cash change ready.

Dear Son. Beware that wisdom not only increases with age but can also spiral down, just like it is happening with your daddy.

I am so proud that you inherited the correct things from both mommy and dad respectively and not vice versa. I am talking gorgeous looks from her and the intellect, wisdom from dad.

My Son clearly knows that when Daddy says No No no, Mommy says yes, yes, yes.

Dear Son! I am always there for your tears, but certainly not for the nasal mucus while tearing.

It is hard to remember my own birthday, let alone of my dear Son! But God bless the FB, which sent me a notification at the right time.

It takes immense skill to search for the best birthday wish on Google. Copy, pasting one of it into this message for your dear birthday. Have a good day, sweet Son!

We are waiting for you to become insanely rich. And when that happens, you will lavish us with most of it. Keep up the pursuit dear Son.

I always asked the Almighty to bless my Son with some unique skills. He certainly did and now your snoring is hilarious as hell. I am thinking of getting it patented. What you say Son?

Whether it’s your birthday, your Sister’s, your Mother’s, or of me, the money is always taken from my wallet for the gifts. This is heights of injustice 😀

You are turning into a fine-looking handsome and charming young man just like your dad. But don’t repeat the heydays of him.

When your birthday comes, not only you, but even I feel old. At least, we are younger than the next birthday Sonny!

There should be an Oscar award for a couch potato Son. I would surely give it to you my dear!

You may not know but I am on your FB’s friend list. Want to know how? By having a fake profile a gorgeous lady with whom you have chatted all sorts of things.

The children of God will always need some motivation to propel them to work hard. The children of mine, especially the darling Son need a kick at his behind in order to get moving. Different people, different treatments!

There is no shame in having a weird look and altruism. At least, it makes you interesting to the people. 😀

Today is the day, you can forget about dieting, just like your mother, and gorge on food like a pig, just like your wonderful father!

Mom to Son Funny wishes on Happy Birthday

Popping you out was a heck of a job. But I never knew it would be tiny w.r.t. raising you up my dear Son!

You are growing wiser and a charmer with every passing year, just like your mommy. I hope you keep adopting more looks and habits from mommy than from daddy!

There is no more joy than in giving a gift to my Son on his birthday. So I am giving him the duties of household chores for today. Enjoy sweetheart!

Its so heartwarming to see you turning into a fine-looking young man. I was worried. Do you know why? Just take a close look at your daddy! 😀 😀

It is a skill to empty the entire bank balance of your mommy and still make her smile. A miracle that can only happened on your birthday my dear Son!

I may have brought you into this world and washed your diapers but that does not I cannot expect a fine wine and dine treatment from you, just like you give it to any beautiful girl.

It’s so refreshing to see you showing signs of maturity and wisdom whereas your Dad is still reverting to his teenage machoism.

I am always able to win the banters against your Daddy because you are the subtle partner who makes things easy for me. Mighty thank you for that Son and a happy birthday to you! I hope you will never change the side 😀

It’s the day I was thinking of teaching you a secret about staying young forever. It is a secret that every mother teaches to her daughter. And today I am gonna teach it to my Son also. Do you know what that is? It is to stay young and charming forever, by lying through the teeth of course.

Closing thoughts

That was our unique and original wish of a funny birthday, made especially for your Son. We have prepared them completely sober and family-friendly. We hope that you have enjoyed them. We assure you to keep on adding more to this list from time to time. For any suggestions from your side, do drop them in the comment section and we may add them to this post.

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