100+ Special Happy birthday wishes for my Friend

We all have people in our life who falls into different categories of family, acquaintances, and friends. And then we have special friends, someone so good that we really do not find anything wrong with them, and if there is, they tend to resolve it very quickly. Lucky are the people who have such people in their life. And when the time comes to wish them, we feel that it is imperative to write some special words for them that enlivens their mood just by reading our message and thinking about us. This post is a sincere attempt to do that. Here we have prepared lots of unique words which will help your friend to feel special about themselves.

When the tales of my life would be told to my children and grandchildren, then your charm, charisma, altruistic nature, and antique behavior would definitely be spoken about too. You are a special child descended from heaven and life has been awesome with you.

It is easier to learn so many good things in life when good habits permeate in us from our good friends. My dear friend, you should thank me for all of it.

You are one of those few people who can make fun of me, pull my legs and still not get a whack on their behind because I know that you are capable of absorbing the same level of treatment from me. 😎

It is easy to lost faith in the humanity but it is difficult to trust it again until and unless you met someone like my friend who clean slates your heart, body and mind.

No matter how intelligent and hard-working one can be, we all need a wild kick to our behind in order to be on our toes.😂 I wish you insane success in all your personal and professional endeavors. May you achieve success beyond your wildest expectations.

The most soul nourishing things in life are available for free of cost like a good walk in the nature, a wise mind, an a exuberant individual, the mere thought of whom wipes out the stress from our heart and mind.

Today is the day when I will balance out all your tantrums and drama over the years by you wining and dining me tonight to a mighty special place. Take a heavy wallet with you tonight.😂

I wondered how life would have turned without you. I may have achieved more in life, I may have achieved less. I may be a better person. I might have been bad too. We may have our fair share of disagreements and fights from time to time but the fervent, joyous nature of our bonding makes me feel alive and makes me eager to live life.

We must have done amazing deeds in our previous life to have each other as friends in this one. I pray for your health, longevity. May you pile up stacks of success in every field that you aspire.

Wisdom has a weird way of increasing in some people and spiraling down in others. May the likes of you and me always have the former scenario in our coming years.

The best substitute for a hard work is 100s of favors from 100s of people along with 100s of lucks from the divine too.

It is nice to have someone in life with whom we can discuss things that we can’t do with other individuals. You are an eternal part of me and I hope that in our next lifetimes, we are born as siblings.

It was the mysterious force of the divine that bought the two of us together. Of all these years, we were attracting each other into our life. And I can’t wait for the future to take our camaraderie and joy to a whole new level.

I wonder from where you acquire that personality from which is reminiscent of the rainbow. The different shades of your personality like joy, vigor, sarcasm, and etc. resemble the different hues of the rainbow and it is nice to have someone like you in your life.

No matter how confident we are in our abilities, nobody is immune to failures and the lows of life. And this is where an amazing soul can pick us up and propel us to move forward in order to bring our dreams to fruition.

When the Almighty has to create a Kind-hearted, hard-working, and funny looking individual then he considers the physical as well as emotional attributes of my friend.😁

Even the Almighty has to pour in all his efforts, time, and patience in order to create an awesome human being like you. But I must say that he did a fabulous job.

We often take many things and individuals in life for granted. And the best thing in life is to always be grateful for having such awesome people in our lives. I pray for an amazing recovery.

Closing Thoughts

We hope that you have enjoyed all the wishes that we jot down for your special friend. All the wishes were written by us uniquely and were not copied from somewhere. We thrive on words that gets our juices flowing and which also makes our content worthy of sharing. At times, there can be conflicts and disagreements but if the person is genuinely awesome, then it is essential that we set aside petty issues and forge the bonding deeper with them.

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