Thats new low that Indian cricket journalism has seen : Aakash Chopra on journalist threatening Saha

Aakash Chopra has come down heavily on the journalist who sent warning messages to the Wriddhiman Saha for not agreeing to an exclusive interview. According to the cricket analyst, the cricketing community needs to boycott and ban such journalist.

Speaking on his Youtube channel, “Whoever this journalist is, BCCI’s investigating, and his name will come up, not in the public but his name will come out in investigation and the entire cricket fraternity should actually just bar boycott this guy who has gone ahead and threatened a cricketer”

“And I am pretty sure this journalist will have the stories aligned in his favour that he helped Wriddhiman Saha during the bad times and that I did so and so for the cricketer. And now that I need an interview, this is how the player is reacting. I understand that it would be their side of the story. But to threaten a cricketer and tell him exactly that I don’t take insults kindly and you should not have done this. Wow, that’s New low that Indian cricket journalism has seen “

While netizens have already speculated who that journalist is, the former cricketer has refused to do and that he wouldn’t even speculate. He will instead wait until his name is revealed in the public domain from trusted sources.

“Whoever this guy is, I don’t know. If you know, then keep the name to yourself because until the name is revealed in the public domain then I am not going to say who that person is or even SPECULATE.”

Saha has refused to divulge the name of that journalist on accounts of humanity and said that his intention was only to bring this issue into limelight so that other cricketers do not receive such kind of repercussion threats from the journalist who do not agree to an exclusive interview.

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