“There’s someone in the media who does such things” Saha on the ‘respected journalist’ who threatened him of repercussions

The batsman- wicketkeeper released explosive messages a few days ago from a journalist who warned of repercussions for not agreeing to an exclusive interview. While former cricketers poured in support for Wriddhiman Saha and requested him to reveal the identity of the journalist, the player has decided not to do so.

In the meantime, Saha also said that the BCCI has not contacted him yet about the incident and even if they ask about the name of the journalist, he would not do so, as his aim was to bring the matter into light but not to cause harm to the journalist.

“I haven’t received any communication from the BCCI yet. If they ask me to reveal the name (of the journalist), I would tell them it was never my intention to harm somebody’s career, to pull a person down. That’s why I didn’t reveal the name in my tweet. That’s not the teaching of my parents. Saha said during his talk with the Indian Express.

While Saha may not reveal the identity of the journalist, the netizens did much speculation on Twitter. SportsToday, a Youtube channel, ran a program where the anchors pointed during the 3.00 mark that the fans have pretty much understood who that journalist was.

Why Boria Majumdar name is coming up in Wriddhiman Saha case?

Speculations are rife on social media that the journalist who was threatening Saha is none other than Boria Majumdar. Netizens pointed out the typo error that Majumdar has made in his past tweets and found a similar typo error in the chat shared by Wriddhiman Saha. While users can claim anything, we are unable to verify the authenticity of the claims on social media.

BCCI will only take action upon written complaint

The BCCI has made it clear that they will take a stern action against the journalist if a written complaint is filed by the cricketer. It does appear that Wriddhiman Saha may not file a written complaint and therefore the BCCI is unlikely to take an action on the ‘respected journalist’.

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