13th work anniversary | Special Employee Msgs for 13th year

These 13 years have shown every roller coaster ride. From losing to winning, we have witnessed the highs and lows together. But our journey has continued and so is our faith and loyalty in each other. I am so proud to where you have reached today. You are an amazing individual and I wish there be more like you in the corporate world. A very happy 13th work anniversary to you.

Legends have rightly said that it is not the end of the journey if there is no light at the end of the tunnel. These 13 years have flown by us. It feels like yesterday only that we hired you after the interview. You have very well exceeded the expectations of greatness and humbleness. May all your dreams come to frutition. Happy 13th work anniversary to you.

It takes an amazing partner and an awesome family to provide support so that one can achieve astounding results in life. For the last 13 years, you have been the heart of our commitment and excellence. I am extremely proud to have an over-ambitious individual like you. May the collaboration continues for many more years. Happy 13th work anniversary to you.

You have been awesome to us when it really needed. When the chips are down, the team relies on your shoulder. Your knowledge, wisdom and empathetic nature is the key driver of our success and I hope there be more individuals like you in the corporate world. A very happy 13th work anniversary to you.

A wise man had rightly said that at times, the divine doesn’t bless us with what we want but with more than that. You have grown by leaps and bounds with our organization and more proud of you than I can ever convey through words. Happy to see you growing. A very prosperous 13th work anniversary to you.

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