35th Funny Birthday Quotes & Sayings | Hilarious & heartfelt

Welcome to the age of 35 where legends say that everything goes downhill from there. Hope you know what I mean.

It’s the age when you will start to doubt your wisdom but don’t worry, it often turns out true what you usually believe about it.

When the going gets tough at thirty-five, the tough get going to the friend for help. Happy Birthday to the awesome man.

Happiness is seeing the gray hairs first on our friend.

When the divine wants to create weird-looking, funny but kind-hearted individuals, he takes your DNA into reference.

There are times when the divine doesn’t bless us what we want but with more than that like he bestowed a wonderful friend like me to you.

Happiness is doing the same thing over and over again because one cannot learn new things to do due to aging.

May your birthday be as awesome as your hair in your high school.

Legends have it that wisdom not only increases with age but can also spiral down. May you be careful at being 35. Happy Birthday by the way.

Its the day of the year when you can act like a teenager and nobody will raise an objection.

It’s the day when you came screaming into this world while the rest of us were rejoicing your arrival. Happy thirty-fifth birthday my friend.

After age thirty-five, we men don’t age, we simply become wiser.

Congratulations to the woman who make age 35 look so good.

Today is the day when you can eat anything you want. Just don’t gorge on food like a pig.

You have reached an age where you can stop counting your age and instead start bragging about it.

May your gorgeous wrinkles become more gorgeous with the passage of time. May the aging make you wiser.

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