Hilarious 36th birthday Wishes for special folks

Happy Birthday to the dear mighty. You are the shining star that always illuminates our moods with her presence, wit, and charm. May the divine bless you with plenty of health and prosperity. Happy thirty-sixth birthday.

It’s the day we have been waiting for so long because tonight we are going to extract the best birthday party from you. May your birthday always arrive daily.

You have now reached an age where the time for observation and learning has gone by.

A wise man rightly said that inside every thirties individual, there is a child asking, what have I done in the last eighteen years!!

It is a myth that wisdom can only increase with the passage of time. It has been my observation that it can also go in the reverse direction. What are your thoughts on it! Oh, and a happy 36th birthday.

May there be loads of friends like you with whom one can ask for gifts and money without any shame and never worry about returning it.

From the age of thirty-six, its everything downhill until one is mighty horny all the time.

We may argue and disagree at many things all the time but that cannot prevent me from extracting a nice birthday from a wonderful friend like you. Happy thirty-sixth birthday to you.

Many times in our life, the divine doesn’t bless us with what we want. But he definitely gives us more at times, like he bestowed a great friend like me to you. May you always be happy, healthy and prosperous.

There is insane happiness in sending the best wishes, love and luck to our dearest friend. The satisfaction nothches up more, when one send a wonderful gift along with them, coupled along with an invoice. May you find the gesture appealing on your 36th birthday.

You have now entered an era where every day will make you want a holiday, unless it is a holiday.

Thirties are only the number in our minds, until we hang out with the twenties.

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