This Rajasthan Royal player doesn’t like the new rule that will be enforced in IPL 2022

The MCC has recently made some amendments in the laws of cricket and they will be enforced into international cricket from the 1st of October 2022. One of the laws that received modification was the end that the new batsman will have to take hold of. According to the new rule, the incoming new player would have to take the striker’s end even if the players had crossed each other while running.

Jimmy Neesham, who will be playing for Rajasthan Royals this year, has expressed his opinion and doesn’t seem pleased with the new rule that is designed to give bowlers some advantage. The IPL governing committee has decided to enforce the rule with immediate effect. It is interesting to note that the new rule will not apply if the batsman gets caught out on the last ball of the over even if the players have crossed each other while running.

The overseas player for Rajasthan Royals pointed out that there has never been a problem for which the rule has been modified. He also pointed out that the new rule will help the batsmen who are not aware of the match situation.

Apart from this rule, the MCC also introduced modification for the run out rule of the non-striker end by the bowler before releasing the ball. The act, also known as mankading, was earlier in the bracket of “Unfair play”. The MCC has now transitioned the act to “Out”.

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