Tim Paine’s sexting scandal to be settled out of court?

In what looks like a major relief to Tim Paine and Cricket Australia, the women who alleged charges against Paine for sending a explicit pic of his reproductive organ has indicated through her lawyer about the possibility of settlement outside of court.

It was previously reported that both Tim Paine and his brother-in-law sent lewd text messages to the woman known as Renne Ferguson who worked for Cricket Tasmania for nearly 4 years.

“We’re both f–ked if this got out,” the woman texted to Paine, according to the Herald Sun.

Paine had previously stated that the messages were consensual in nature. It is also to be noted that the women who alleges to be victim is charged with more than 60 theft cases and a separate case has been going on for that matter.

It is also to be noted that Ms Fergusson brought the matter of Lewd text messages in front of Cricket Australia in 2017 and that an internal investigation was conducted but Paine wasn’t found guilty, indicating that the matter was consensual from both parties.

After 4 years, the messages somehow found their way into the media and Paine was forced to step down from test captaincy, even though it appeared that the batsman did not imposed the lewd messages on the female worker.

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