Funny & Heartwarming Birthday wishes for your uncle

Dear uncle! Whether its your birthday, our’s birthday or aunt’s birthday, every one knows who will be burning his pocket for the celebrations. By the way, a wonderful birthday to you from your cute nephew and niece.

Hey Uncle! You are slowly entering an era where soon you will laughing and farting at the same time. May those years be far away though! Happy Birthday to you by the way.

It is amazing to find someone who thinks and laughs like ourselves. So glad that I have an uncle like you. May there be more entertaining persons in this world like you. Happy Birthday!

It is hard to believe your age. Finding the size of the cake that would hold all the candles of your age would be difficult though. Happy Birthday!

Hey Uncle! Always remember that age is always a number, unless the number becomes way too big like your’s. Happy Birthday by the way.

Dear Uncle! We may be far away but we are sending tons of wishes, luck, hugs, kisses. Yeah, and we gifts too along with their invoices. They will arrive on time. Please keep the change ready for the cash guy. Oh and a very Happy Birthday.

On this birthday of your’s, you are free to eat, drink and merry! I know you are particularly good at the first two.

Happiness is having a fatherly figure who is great friends with your real father. Thanks for always being our side dear uncle. You are also great friend and mentor.

Its the day when the outing is guaranteed, courtesy of our wonderful uncle. Truth be told, I don’t even crave for my birthday than I do for your’s. Happy Birthday to you!

Dear uncle! You may have realised that when the going gets tough for your nephew and niece, the tough gets going to the uncle for help. May every family be blessed with a uncle like you. Happy Birthday!

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