100+ Unique Instagram captions for every occasion

Whether it is about being able to stand out or to have your message or blessing stand out, human beings always want to be unique in one way or the other. And if you want to write some short awesome caption for your Instagram, then you have come to the right place. Here you will find plenty of IG captions which you can also use for WhatsApp, FB, and other social media platforms. So enjoy these unique captions and WOW everyone!

Heroes are made in crisis and tough times.

The epitome of crazy cum wise i.e. ME, myself and I.

Being Authentic is the real Deal!

When you are ready to accept your criticisms, progress follows.

Eyes that scan you.

Your real age is the one which lies in your heart and mind.

Intuition NEVER EVER deceits.

Classy people don’t argue. They Ignore!

A vulnerable heart is not weak but a good one.

Love is LIFE!

Health and happiness is an inside Job.

You wanna befriend me? Up your Goddam standards.

When it comes to MEAT, I am bigger DOG than my Dog 🤣

Who really said that smart work is easy? 😂

Being crazy is in my DNA.😎

A bad habit needs a good habit to be replaced with.

Best people keep making themselves BETTER!

Gonna sleep like a baby!

Beauty lies in being happy in your own skin.

Secret of rich = Find an unfulfilled need and fulfill it.

Be the person that you like to date.

Life isn’t perfect but its awesome for me!

Coffee is the best therapy!

Work Hard, Party HARDER!

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Best friends rejuvenate you!

Work hard in silence!

When someone farts, fart louder!

Life gets better if we do not f**k up!

The best doctor in the world is inside you.

Success seeking me!

When someone betrays you, the Almighty sees it!

A great reward nullify hundreds of failures.

Nothing recuperates you better than Nature!

High EQ is always better than high IQ.

Boys chase Sex and Women chase Men.

Weekends are my pampering days for MYSELF

Bitch Mode ON. Haters Beware!

We don’t get what we want. We get what we are.

Some people deserve our compliments and some boots to their behind.

Beauty is in everyone of us.

Best sleep comes from clean conscience.

Make your personality like the rainbow.

If you challenge me, you better be BETTER than ME.

Happy people are beautiful people.

Hotness soaring high in sky.

Hakuna matata

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Family is Everything!

Don’t copy my style. I will sent you a copyright notice.

Here comes the gorgeous me!

Me. The life of the party!

With great power, comes great responsibility.

A man is the summation of his thoughts and beliefs.

Gonna Rock Today!

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!

I am my own favourite.

The beauty of life is in its UPs and DownS.

Birthday Bash Unique IG Ideas

Ageing like a fine wine!

When you are the life of Party!

Hotness overloaded!

My Life, My Rules! I make them. I break them!

Gonna meet my MAN this year!

Way younger than the next birthday!😎

The angel came on this day many years ago.

Wisdom the good by product of ageing.

Gonna drink like a MAN!

Beast mode is ON tonight!

Happy Bday to the Unique me!

Well done God, you did great!

Wiser, calmer and more beautiful of course.

Gym Captions IG

No pain, No gain!

Sweating it hard!

You better be BETTER than me if you wanna criticize me!

Pumping Iron!

f**k Yeah!

Growth lies outside that comfort zone!

Gaining fats & muscles at the right places.😍

The Lion Roars!

No better joy than in pushing yourself to the limit.

Every new sweat = Every muscle gain!

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