Virat Kohli’s coach points out why DRS has been controversial over the years

Virat Kohli’s childhood coach, Rajkumar Sharma has expressed his opinion about the DRS system. According to Sharma, the technology needs to improve, especially on the umpire’s call decision when less than 50% of the ball is seen hitting the stumps.

Umpire’s call is very complicated and there is no clarity over it. DRS cannot certainly tell which ball will hit the stumps. Till we come to the impact of delivery, things are actually manual. This is wrong, because if the producer pitches it incorrectly, then the umpire’s call changes.” Sharma said during the Khelneeti Podcast.

Umpire’s call has been questionable ever since it was included in the DRS. The predictor which shows the ball hitting the stumps depends on the area where the ball has pitched. Whether the ball would have bounced more or less is also taken into consideration from the nature of the pitch.

During the recent India South Africa series, there was an instance of Elgar getting trapped for LBW from veteran spinner R. Ashwin. The decision was given not out and a review was taken. To the surprise of many, it was shown that the ball was going over the stumps. Many believed that Elgar survived the LBW due to the error in technology.

The Indian team was livid was the decision and Ashwin even went on to curse the host broadcaster supersport, “You Should Find Better Ways To Win Supersport”

“DRS is not 100 percent accurate and that technology needs to improve. There have been too many controversies over umpire’s call. I am sure it will be done away with in the coming times and should be removed for sure.” the coach said during the interview.

Many cricketing fans may not know that India has always been against the use of DRS and it was only ICC’s compulsion that all teams had to abide by the usage of DRS in international matches.

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