Want India to be sports-playing nation from sports-loving nation : Sachin Tendulkar

It is not every day that the likes of Sachin Tendulkar gives exclusive interviews. The little maestro met with Graham Bensinger and talked on many things including his rituals before the practice and the sacred gift given to him by Virat Kohli on his retirement match which he returned.

The host asked Tendulkar what Cricket is to India, to which he replied that what football is to Brazil, multiplied by 10 times, is what Cricket means to India.

Tendulkar talked about the time when there was little money in sports and now that the time has changed, parents are encouraging children to play sports and make their career in it.

Tendulkar admits that while India has always been a sports-loving nation, he envisions an India who is a sports-playing nation. Sachin has been retired from the game for the last 10 years and his dream of winning the World Cup finally came true in his 6th World Cup tournament in 2011 held in Mumbai.

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