100+ WhatsApp birthday wishes, Quotes & Images

Today, the whole world is connected with the Internet and the What’s App has become a vital part of our life today. No matter where our friends and families are, WhatsApp allows us to stay in touch with them. And when it comes to giving them birthday wishes, birthday quotes, and similar images then nothing could come handier than the what’s App itself. In this post, we are going to jot down some awesome wishes that will bring a nice, warm smile to your birthday friend and family member. You will certainly enjoy reading these.

There will be times when the going may become difficult for you. At those times, keep the faith because the divine certainly rewards hard-working and altruistic people like you.

We may be far apart from each other at times but my love, respect, and admiration for you will always be there in my heart.

Sometimes, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. If you still find it hard to keep going, then my boot is ready to push your bum.😂

May the divine bestows you with plenty of joy, prosperity, and longevity. May you move the mountains of success with your hard work and passion.

It is harder to find some nice, unique and amazing wishes from Google and FB for my dear friend. Kudos to me for finding the best ones only.

We may not have the best strategy in the world. We may not have the best skills and execution but if simply dare to keep moving all the times, success will surely be ours’s.

I admire your ability to sing an opera in your snoring. It truly deserves an Oscar.

We may acquire all sorts of materialistic wealth and property but nothing could come close to nourishing our heart and soul like the vigor and joyous moments with our friends.

The low times of your life gives us a clear indication of who our true friends really are.

Life always has a knack of biting us harder when we have the belief that we are invincible and can get away by doing anything.

I have forgotten the no. of times that I saved your *** from your Daddy, Mommy, principal, teachers, your Exes, and whatnot. Today on your birthday I certainly deserve a nice king-size treatment.

Sometimes, we humans do not realize the value of kind and inspiring people until they leave our friend circle. May such a thing never happens with anyone of us.

You are only turning older with your chronological age. I wonder what’s the secret of your reverse aging. Probably

It is the day I was waiting for such a long time. It’s the day when you are going to wine and dine me for absorbing all your nonsense and tantrums throughout the year. So where is the party tonight?

Happy Birthday to the one with whom I don’t have to worry about returning the money after borrowing it. May there be so many rich people like you in this world.

You may or may agree with my opinion but I think that the Almighty was high when he was creating you.

God favors the brave who continue to perspire with every fiber and cell of their being.

You have done an amazing job for being at the receiving end of my criticism and tantrums for all the years. Only a true friend would does that. Kidding 😁 I am so grateful to have someone like you dear!

What’s App group Sweet bday Messages

We may not be able to understand each other at times but the joyous moments of us will always reverberate in the cosmos. May there be more sweet people like you in this universe. May you achieve success beyond your wildest expectation.

The birds are chirping with all their might,
the breeze is soothing me just right
and the sun is shining with all its might
because it is a day when someone special
descended from the divine!

Sometimes, we are able to meet other nice people in the world only because of the mysterious forces of the divine. I am so blessed that I have been able to meet people like you in this lifetime who enlivens every cell of my being.

We often need characters in life in order to invoke fun and laughter to destress from life. We are so happy that we have one in the form of you. May you continue to be like this 😎

A wise man once said that persistence is to success what Carbon is to steel. The connotation of persistence may not be heroic in the eyes of the world but that’s the truth about it.

Closing Thoughts

While WhatsApp is an excellent, and affordable way of staying in touch with people, it should never replace our face to face communication with our dear friends and family members. We hope that you have enjoyed reading these nice and sincere wishes that we wrote from our heart. Feel free to let us know your valuable feedback because it matters a lot to us. We will of course add more such wishes from time to time.

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